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  1. [Generation Z] Political Leanings?

    Generation Z Forum
    I've heard that we as a generation are more conservative than any generation since World War II, which I definitely see signs of. You've got kids shouting "Build the Wall!" in middle school cafeterias, and some schools even had to cancel mock elections because Trump was doing too well. Recently...
  2. What is your MBTI Type and how do you feel about Trump?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Curious to know what people of each Myers Briggs type feel about presidential candidate Donald Trump.
  3. Beating an ESTJ in a student council election.

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    I plan to run for student council president, and right now my biggest competitor is an ESTJ. The worst part is, whoever loses the election becomes vice president, and honestly, I just don't see how either of us can take instructions from the other. Anyway, the ESTJ is a rather moralistic person...
  4. Nate Silver

    Guess the type
    With any luck, this gentleman's mad talent will administer the needle to political punditry...
  5. Paul Ryan

    Guess the type
    Mittens's chosen sidekick...ExTJ, maybe?