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  1. Email Etiquette: To Thank or Not to Thank?

    Advice Center
    Hello, yes, hi (Dear Sir/Madam), So the hypothetical email situation goes like so: > I write a professionally written email to ask a question on what I have to do regarding a task, and end this email with "thank you and kind regards", (my name). > The person replies, answering my question...
  2. Regular sex chats

    Sex and Relationships
    Hey! Overly hyper and bored ENFP here. So, my fiance and I were talking about this earlier, and we were discussing how we felt it is good to talk about sexuality, sex, and all things sexual both with each other and others who were comfortable. We have a closed relationship when it comes to...
  3. My Response to an email notice regarding the payment of my student loans

    I know I resigned in my last post that I would pontificate on the subject of entropy and thought, but alas that is a very heavy subject and I have yet to gather the energy to tackle it with any respectable efficacy. SO! I'll post this BS instead :D ~ I received an email saying: "Yep, it's...
  4. [ISTJ] Ask an ISTJ relationship question thread

    ISTJ Forum - The Duty Fulfillers
    As per the title. I think we've been getting too many variations of "what do ISTJ's xXx when xXx" and suchlike in the way of posts. With some luck people can be directed to one really, really long thread - read through it - and ask their question if it hasn't already been asked and answered...