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emotionally unstable

  1. Emotionally unstable/Mentally Immature Parent

    General Psychology
    I am fifteen years old and my mother is thirty five. She is more emotionally unstable and mentally immature than I am, I believe. Why? Here's a little of what she does: Cries a lot if someone doesn't agree with her. Has completely shut down and will ignore me most of the time for her TV...
  2. [ENFP] Unhealthy Crying~??

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Hi~ It seems like a lot of ENFPs don't like to cry in public, and tend not to cry as much~♪ I used to be just like this~ But lately it seems almost unhealthy~ I can't tell~ is it~??? I've started crying more in movies and just accepting it~ I don't mind crying as much and (m,aybe I've been...
  3. Hello Friends, INTP Psychic Here to Help and Make you Laugh

    My journey has been way too long to get here and I know you don't really care. Wikipedia exists and so does google, so what's left to discuss?