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    On pensive lamentation Here in the hollow hole Where the emptiness subdues And darkness coddles the soul Reaching, finding nothing Only the echo of my breath In a meaningless existence Disjointed birth till death I hunger, I thirst, I crave But the cosmos caters not The world provides no...
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    The emptiness in this house is so suffocating How can something absent take on such a presence I'm in a safeguarded room in a burning building Smoke billows in through the cracks in the walls And the window is too high up for me to jump
  3. What's my personality type?
    I need some help! I cannot type myself because I don't believe in me. So, I took Spades's Questionnaire. Here are my answers: (By the way, the moods I refer can be thoughts or feelings themselves) 0) I believe that there is nothing that may affect the way I answer the questions. Except for my...
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    I dont know but I might be one of those people who depress alot. Atleast I have alot of thoughts that are on the negative side. Ive just realized this, even though I have been this way for months. Once I thought I had psychosis because I just couldnt stop thinking about meaningless things and it...