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  1. Aloha, Everyone! I'm an ENFJ! :D

    A friend of mine told me about Myers-Briggs personality types several years ago. I took lots of tests, changed my mind on multiple occasions, and finally decided that I'm an ENFJ. Now I'm absolutely obsessed with the theory, and typing all of my family and friends is my new favorite hobby! :D...
  2. Help! I think I'm dating an ENFJ! lol

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    This is my first post but it's so nice to find a spot where other people think like me! I am having this freak-out right brain is in overdrive and I can't figure out what to do. If any of you have experience here please help me! I'm a 30-yr old engineer. My first marriage was to an...
  3. Was once an ENFJ! Real Me wants to share

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Dear engaging, wonderful, amazing, ENFPs, I'm shocked to find out, on a MBTI in 1986, I was an ENFJ. I thought I was always an ENFP, so I looked up the descritpion of ENFJ and amazingingly, I did fit that type to a 'T' at that time and for many years after. But I was responsible for everything...
  4. New ENFJ!

    Well, technically, I've been an ENFJ for quite a while. but I've never worn it as a badge before! Good fun! I've been reading through the forums today, and this is all completely fascinating to me...I've always had an interest in personality, but academia made is so dull and lifeless for me, I...
  5. Hi guys, how are you? New ENFJ!

    Hi guys my name is Matt -Im an ENFJ but i tested INFJ and have qualities of both. -Im 19 and live in michigan, -Im a server at bwws and currently a sophomore in college. -I dont really know what to do with my life, i usually take life day to day -I love Music -Third eye Blind, Sublime...
  6. NEW ENFJ! Watchout!!!

    Hello, My name is Sarah, and as the title says, I am ENFJ that is also a type 6, all balled up with in a Leo personality. Im a super ball of love and happiness so INTP's watch out :) Or at least that is what my INTP best friend says anyway. ANY WHO.... I work at a car shop called Epic...