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  1. [Enneagram Type 3] 3w4s, do you feel threatened by other 3w4s?

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Be honest, now.
  2. [Enneagram Type 3] How Do You Know if an Enneagram Type 3 Likes You?

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    How do you know if an Enneagram 3 likes you, if they tend to shy away from intimacy, and don't seem to like having direct conversations about the details of the relationship? They also seem to have many friends and acquaintances, so how do you know if you are "special" to an Enneagram 3? This...
  3. Which type you are & which type do you admire and why

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Which type you are & which type do you admire and why I'm a 5w4 I admire 8, specifically social 8. Though, I'm very influence by the 8 enneatype". Why I admire them? Well, fist of all I love people who actually work for something, to achieve something. Also I think people who are leaders are...
  4. Enneagram & relationships (survey!)Let's reach a conclusion about each type

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hi! I enjoy writing in my free time, and I'm curious about the relationships between the different enneagram types. It would be awesome if everybody wrote down which enneagram type you are and the enneagram types of the people whom you carry on close relationship, could be friends, your couple...
  5. Which Enneagram Type is the Most Behaviorally Identifiable?

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    I'm curious as to if there's a trend here or not. I have my theories, but we'll see.
  6. [Enneagram Type 3] Enneagram Type 3 with wing 8?

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    It is possible to be 3w8? Im really new to Enneagram! I feel like in many respects I would be E3 - but some personality traits of E8 fit really well. Would this make me 3w8 or is it far more complicated than that? Cheers!
  7. New to Enneagram, stuck between 3-5-7! Any help?

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hi Folks, Im new to personality cafe and have just discovered Enneagram! I really like MBTI, which is how I ended up here. When I do the test on Enneagram Institute website I come back strongest on E3 'Achiever' (8 points) and then have 7 points on both E5 'Investigator' and E7 'Enthusiast'...
  8. [Enneagram Type 3] Enneagram type 3 being envied! SUGGESTIONS, please!

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Hello, This is a type 3w4 suffering. The issue is not that serious but, since it has been happening for way too many years, I am getting sick of it. Well, the thing is I'm 23 years old male and I have this 15 years old cousin who has always admired me. He has a difficult personality since he...
  9. [Enneagram Type 3] Both ENFP and type 3...any thoughts on this combo??

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Well,i'm a newbie here:rolleyes:,and i recently discovered that i'm an ENFP:proud:(did several tests,all of them proving the stated),and i do aggree with the result(through the good and the -not that-good).However..i took the enneagram test ,and the result was 3w4,6w7,1w2 (two times in the same...
  10. Calling all 973/739/379 tritype (The Ambassador)

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Hello! I'm calling all 973/739/379 tritype (The Ambassador). Let's do two things for fun: 1) post here a picture that best describes YOU 2) and a song I'll start :)
  11. Just another INFJ joining the forum after quite a bit of time creeping it.. :)

    Hi everyone, I discovered this forum maybe a couple months ago and have used it as a learning tool on personality! I'm not quite sure why I waited until now to join, but it was a spur of the moment decision I don't regret. You can call me "Tabitha" :wink: I'm a teenage girl, INFJ and enneagram...
  12. [Enneagram Type 3] URGENT: Need Advice/brainstorms/hypothesies on how to help a 3 at level 7/8 health...

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Hey all. I feel compelled to start this thread because I'm really in need of some guidance/insight. I have a friend who I've known for about 10 years now. We've grown closer over the years for a number of reasons, but the largest contributing factor is that he is more like a member of the...
  13. [Enneagram Type 3] What you do when your need for center stage goes unfulfilled

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Hi people. I tested E3 and boy is it me. It has helped so much to know enneagram stuff about myself. But as a 3, I run into a problem where I can have the "void of not being paid attention to". In life, my comeup has been slow, so you can imagine, right!? Omg, its been a horror story. the past...
  14. Problems with type descriptions

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    I wish enneagram type descriptions would be more simplistic. I find many descriptions to have too many extraneous words which probably lead to misidentifications. I wish type descriptions wouldn't describe Fours as 'deep people,' or compare Sevens to 'kids in the candy store.' Bad type...
  15. [Enneagram Type 3] How Do You Measure Worth?

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Your worth, I suppose. What measurements/ achievements/ points/ checklist do you use? How do you even define 'worth'? Is 'good enough' even achievable? Do you think you'd be happier to keep trying to reach it.. or to actually reach it?
  16. [Enneagram Type 3] Jealous 3w2 mate constantly flirting with others

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    When I met him he was oggling any and every woman that passed by. I'm pretty laid back and hardly jealous so I ignored it. Early in the relationship he requested that we be listed as "married" on facebook. I was reluctant to go for it, as I didn't think he was very serious about me because he...
  17. [Enneagram Type 3] Issues with intimacy

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Do you have any? If you do, and feel like venting, do it here!
  18. [Enneagram Type 3] What are you ashamed of?

    Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    I have read that the head triad is driven by fear, the gut triad driven by anger, and the heart triad driven by shame. So, threes, what are you ashamed of?
  19. I'm a newbie :)

    My name is Gabrielle, and i found this website from looking up stuff about personality types. I started getting interested in 7th grade im in 9th now. I took a lot of the tests, i now have a good idea of who i am generally. For the Jung test i am a ENTJ and for the enneagram test i am a # 3. I...