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  1. Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist
    People can often learn a lot about someone through the visuals. So please share pictures of what you think describes type six or related to what you understand about someone of this type.
  2. Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist
    In my delirious attempt to find that ever eluding, but desperately wanted percafe article that satisfies my intellectual curiosity and kills my boredom I have decided to finally put myself into action. I say finally, because its not the first time I decided to start a thread or post something...
  3. Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist
    Hi everyone, I've started checking out enneagram and I'm pretty sure I fit the enneagram 6 best. I was wondering if you could relate to my following experiences.. Often times in social situations I am very acute to the balance of power, who wants power, who has power, the underdog etc. I was...
  4. Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist
    How long do you do it, for what reasons, and what does it take for you to come back? Is it from someone on the outside that brings you back into the world, or does something have to click within yourself to decide to rejoin the world?
  5. Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist
    Introspection is to observate and notice conscious inner thoughts, feelings, sensations and desires. As a six, how much do you dedicate time for introspection? Is it extremely necessary for you? How does your enneagram type six, its fears and desires are present in your introspection time?
1-9 of 9 Results