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  1. Intro
    Hello all, I'm Andie from Miami and I am apparently a rare breed - an ENTJ female. I've been lurking/reading on the forums (okay, so I'm only a "slightly expressed" extrovert - strongly expressed everythingn else) and I've been educating myself and learning a lot in the process, but everyone...
  2. Intro
    Hey there! I'm a 22yr old (though I tend to act my shoe size) ENTJ female, names Dorothy. I have bunches of nicknames, most people call me DP, Dot, Dottie, Oz, D Piddy...pretty much whatever you feel like typing is good with me :cool: I'm currently in college studying aeronautics. When I'm not...
  3. ENTJ Forum - The Executives
    Hello guys... I am proud to be an ENTJ. In school we were put through career counseling and I turned up as an ENTJ. It was pretty fun. They gave me career choices and colleges based on what I was interested in. Was fun and in the end I got ENTJ. I was in the minority group. The least number of...
1-3 of 3 Results