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  1. Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    Hello everyone! I want to ask something from other type 4-s, Especially 4w5-s. So...are you envious of those who are have strong mental problem or intense pain? Well I do....Sometimes I have those days when I dont feel any intense feeling. I always feel empty when I live these days. And it's...
  2. Type 3 Forum - The Achiever
    Hello, This is a type 3w4 suffering. The issue is not that serious but, since it has been happening for way too many years, I am getting sick of it. Well, the thing is I'm 23 years old male and I have this 15 years old cousin who has always admired me. He has a difficult personality since he...
  3. Advice Center
    I am easily envious of others, usually people who can do better than me in school, those who are more disciplined than me, and those who have study skills like making index cards etc. I'm an INFJ type. What's the cure?
1-3 of 3 Results