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  1. Questionnaire attached - what's my type?

    What's my personality type?
    Hi all, I'm having a little trouble narrowing down my type from four options (I'm considering the ESxJs and the ENxPs), hopefully this questionnaire and your responses to it can help me analyze myself better! 0. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a...
  2. Fe Users and Enneatype TWO and Ti users and Enneatype FIVE

    Enneagram Personality Theory Forum
    Is it hard to find non enneatype TWOs dominant Fe users (ESFJ and ENFJ)? I mean almost every EXFJs that I know about are core TWOs in the enneagram or has it as a wing or a fix in their tritype. I saw one ESFJ identifying with EIGHT, but I don't know her tritype though. It's very hard to not...
  3. [ESFJ] What do you do when....there are no friends? How to be alone?

    ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers
    So I am in a rather unique situation. Basically, I live overseas at the moment. I used to have a lot of friends who were all travelers, like me. Well, they've all gone back to their home countries. Last year I did my best to make some new friends, and I discovered that, sadly, you cannot force a...
  4. How often do you feel dumb?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    So, I am wondering how long people spend instrospecting...especially for those with lower Te or Ti. How often do you find yourself questioning your own cognitive processes? How often does someone say something that makes you feel like "I should have known that fact", or "How come they know...
  5. [ESFJ] How would I differentiate between an ESFJ enneagram 2 and ESFJ 3?

    ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers
    I can't figure out this ESFJs enneagram type. Here are some strong characteristics that he has that make it hard to know which type he is for sure: -He is very helpful and will bend over backwards for people. 2? -Nurturing, likes to take care of ppl. 2? -Has a very wide social circle. 3...
  6. MBTI types of characters from characters of Classic Literature:

    Guess the type
    Jane - ISFP - Favorite literary heroine ever, and one of the first ones from fiction I really related to as an ISF/TP myself, though I feel I’d be way more suspicious of Mr. Rochester’s bizarre behaviors and dark secrets than she is, and start badgering him with tons of questions about what the...
  7. Hyacinth Buckét ennea

    What's my Enneagram type?
    Anyone that remembers "Keeping up Appearances" take a stab at what the main character's enneagram might be
  8. [INFP] Relationship advice for INFP's in need!

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    So, just starting this. I have a major problem. I fell out of love with my boyfriend and I don't know what to do. It's not like anything was wrong. I just... don't feel it anymore. And I feel so bad. I fell for him really fast, and my heart fluttered for everything he did, but... omg I feel...
  9. What are the best subjects to talk with SJs?

    SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers
    What are the best subjects to talk with SJs? I have a big problem to talk about something interesting with SJs - maybe it's because every SJ I know is only talking about daily life and it's so annoying for me.
  10. [INFJ] Advice for coping with change and stepping out of my comfort zone

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I'm back, asking for advice, yet again, haha. So, I'm an INFJ, as you can see. Though for some reason when I take a test, it says that my intuition and sensing are pretty split, which makes sense at times. Anyway, I'm now moving off to college. I have orientation this Thursday, it is a two...
  11. Please help, I’m stuck between ESFP and ESFJ

    What's my personality type?
    So i wrote up a cognitive function analysis for both and I’m wondering which one would be my most likely type. I’m 16 Female #ESFP::::: **Dominant Se** I go through life as simple as possible. I tend to take stuff at face value and kind of don’t realize people’s hidden intentions until...
  12. *new meetup group on facebook*

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hey guyssss so I did something today. I decided I was going to make a myers briggs group so we can meet up in person instead of just talking on an online forum! This is the link to the group: I hope you guys enjoy the group, and an event...
  13. INTP Latina. Fun. Curious to learn more. Say hi! :)

    Hi there. I'm an INTP and I just found this forum. I love it so far. So hmm... what to say. I'm just experimenting with MBTI and thought I'd join so people with more experience can teach me things! My favorite types are ISTJ (because they're hella smart and hands on), ENTJ (also smart), ISTP...
  14. Ariana Grande

    Guess the type
    What do you guys think Ariana Grande's type is? To me, she seems like an ESFx for sure, but I can't really make out her functions clearly.
  15. If Football/Soccer teams were human/had personalities? MBTI/Myers Briggs

    Myers Briggs Forum
    What would you type them as? Kinda a weird question :D only a bit of fun! But I was wondering whether this would contribute to the philosophy or playstyle of the club, the club's vision or what kinda feel you get when watching them!, fans? I dont know.. anything really xD :tongue: What would...
  16. [ESFJ] Please teach me how to *demonstrate* caring

    ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers
    ESFJs, you are genius-level caregivers, right alongside the ISFJs. I am an Fi user, an ENFP, and as such, 'showing care' is not a strength. Your FeSi is a far better tool to explicitly express affection and care. I'd like to learn to show care in ways that people understand easily. Right now...
  17. SFJs and Communication Issues with NTs

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    From what I have experienced, a number of SJs seem to not explain the why, or communicate very well about problems to NTs. What is this about? I'd think that keeping people posted about how things are being resolved would be Fe 101, but maybe it's really Fi 101. I find that the SFJs I've...
  18. FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Guess the type
    These main characters are all shameless assholes, and I love it! Even most of the recurring characters are pretty much the worst too. I’m up to date on the show now with season 13. It’s not quite as funny as it used to be without Glenn Howerton there as much and new writers! However, I still...
  19. Extroverts: Victims of Manipulation/Abuse

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi! New here, but love this site and it's insight :) I am writing a book and working on a character that has been heavily manipulated and abused since childhood. Coming out of that abuse, I'm trying to figure out what a very broken person (ptsd, fear, nervous) would look like as they begin to...
  20. [ESFJ] ESFJs, how you do know you have fallen in love?

    ESFJ Forum - The Caregivers
    Maybe this is a weird question, I dont know. People enter my heart almost immediately and become important to me. When I get to know somebody knew I want to spend a lot of time with them and I think about them a lot. Honestly, how do I know the difference to when I fall in love? I sometimes...