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  1. ESFP guys look over here!!! *tits *ass pic lmao ;p Analyze what an ESFP guy want

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    I currently am interested in the ESFP personality because I'm interested in an ESFP guy. I'm an INTP girl who is extremely shy, super logical, and super intuitive as well. I was new in this school and I have one class in common with this ESFP guy(btw I made him take the test) and we never...
  2. Please Help! I need your insights and opinions (especially P's)!

    Myers Briggs Forum
    So, I'm really struggling in one of my friendships with an ESFP. We've been friends for a few years now, and I felt like we've been fairly close—we've both shared deep things about ourselves, and have stayed out talking multiple times. We've shared a lot of laughs too. We were college...
  3. [ESFP] Observations on ESFP vs ISFP

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    For people who like to ask. This jive with those who understand functional stacking? Functional ISFP vs Functional ESFP These two types share the same functions and can exhibit much of the same behavior. Therefore, the only true way of knowing the difference when cognitive...
  4. Frank Iero?

    Guess the type
    My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero? So I was recently wondering about former My Chemical Romance guitarist, Frank Iero. I adored this band when I was younger, in part due (I think) to their strong focus on Introverted Feeling and idealistic values. Gerard Way is apparently an INFP, so...
  5. [ESFP] with the Entj

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    delete please
  6. [ESFP] Funny Video -- What videos make you LOL?

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    Hi everyone. I believe the main character in this video is an ESFP. I love the mismatch of personality types in the video and the message at the end. Click in the blank space below. The link is: If you have any funny videos (especially with...
  7. [ESFP] How to be an ESFP, and some of the problems with it

    ESFP Forum - The Performers
    I have been an ESFP for a long time. It was a blight on my life until I became familiar with the personality types and learned more about what the ESFP experience is all about. It is not for everybody. It is not true that we do not have deep feelings because we do. For instance, I have nothing...