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  1. Intro
    I'm fairly new, I'm looking forward to learning off of this site and meeting new people :) Like~ Books, Politics, general articles online lol Dislike~ people who are too lazy to think! just saying. :tongue:
  2. Intro
    I'm absolutely lost... I've taken tests and they ALL say I'm an INFJ. It seems to describe me and I searched around and found this site :) It seemed welcoming but I would like to actually get to know someone here and chat (preferably and INFJ too so we could have something in common to talk...
  3. What's my personality type?
    Before I begin, I feel I should point out that I realise this probably doesn't belong here because it is not really about the MBTI or Enneagram or psychological personality typing systems. But this has been bugging me for a while and I don't know where else I can ask this question. This is the...
1-3 of 3 Results