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    Hey! I've been pondering about for a while searching for songs that capture the darker sider of INFP essence, but according to the lyrics and the sound + reading about INFP descriptions, I found that this song very close to the darker side of INFP soul. Take a listen for yourself...
  3. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    If there is anything that screams INFJ more than this, I have yet to stumble upon it. youtube .com/ watch?v=qM-gZintWDc (Sorry I have to post it cut up like that, but I don't have enough posts to include a link yet) If anyone has any other examples that they find to be quintessentially...
  4. What's my personality type?
    Hey, I just recently formed an account on this site because I've been getting into Myers-Briggs stuff lately (just like everyone else here -- duh!) I tested as an INTP but I'm not exactly sure if the description fits me well enough. I'm not going to psychoanalyze myself here (because that would...