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  1. [ESTP] ESTPs: Your Vibe with ISFJs

    ESTP Forum - The Doers
    Couldn't find any info on this anywhere else so thought I'd throw it out there. I'm a male ISFJ, so I don't have all the traditional stereotypes. I am more outgoing, assertive and actually have been told by people that I use logic sometimes or give the impression that I am a "logical" person...
  2. [ESTP] Asking ESTPs: Is he an ESTP?

    ESTP Forum - The Doers
    His nickname is Crazy. He's 20, foolish beyond reason, impulsive beyond reason. Has been invloved in impulsive crime like spray painting or breaking into a car, and spent time in jail. "Always doing stupid shit," is how a friend describes him. Tall and athletic, but not involved in sports...
  3. ESTPs: Meeting Their Own Personal Standards

    ESTP Forum - The Doers
    So as I mentioned in a few other threads here, I have an ESTP cousin. He does wrestling and just made it to states. Everyone was sooo proud of him. No one no one down him at all! They were all so siced! But he was really mad at himself because he didn't dominate the competition like he wanted...
  4. ESTPs: how curious were you guys during your childhood?

    ESTP Forum - The Doers
    Seeing that your main function is Se, I would imagine that you guys would always constantly be looking around wherever you guys are, trying to take in the environment and scoping out new and interesting things. maybe to the point of almost walking into things? i would've made the topic, "how...