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  3. [ENTP] Do I have the physical looks to become a model and guess my ethnicity/background?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    My 20th birthday is coming up (21st) and over the past year or so my physical looks have really taken shape. People have recommended I become a model to earn some cash and help pay for school. So I'd like to ask all your opinions what do you think? If anyone has any model experience and can...
  4. Ethnicity and Attraction

    Sex and Relationships
    So, in my ventures, I have discovered that there is a recurring trend in who hits on me, and I wonder why. I would like to know: -Ethnicity -sex - general physical preference (skinny, full figured, short, tall, great butt, great smile, blah blah) - general personality preference (socialite...
  5. Would you go on a blind date with a blind guy/girl?

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    :tongue:We are a group of psychology and sociology grad students at Columbia University and Fordham University doing a research project for school. Please take the full 1-page (but quick) anonymous survey and bookmark us on Facebook to stay informed about future surveys. We need large sample...