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  1. Type 6 Forum - The Loyalist
    Hey everybody, As new member here I started wondering if there is any European/French people around, since most people seems to be located in the US. I'm asking because it would be nice to have someone to talk to, I just recently found out that I'm a type 6 which explains a lot of stuff I...
  2. Science and Technology
    I'll start. Step 1. What if all of humanity unanimously agreed to "wall off" each continent, and destroy all evidence of their being anything beyond those walls. (think Greatest Wall of China or Attack on Titan.) Step 2. All of humanity successfully keeps their children from learning anything...
  3. Member Polls
    Do you think they are a good thing or a bad thing?
  4. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    After the successful meetup we had in Maastricht yesterday, we (unfortunately not everybody on this photo) are planning another one for Düsseldorf next month. It will maybe also be somewhat like a houswarming party since my husband and I will then have just moved. It will also be possible...
1-4 of 9 Results