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  1. Finally, I know I'm an ENxP

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Here's how I got it: I dislike routine/like variety and I'm quite flexible/adaptable. (even my family says that) I may be a bit too forgetful. I may be way too haphazard too. SJ types: GONE FOREVER I may have an unrealistic and imaginative attitude. SP types: GONE FOREVER I don't fit into...
  2. Why Do Extroverts Try To Push Introverts To Do Things?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Really would love to hear from extroverts on this. You always see introverts talking about how extroverts try to talk them into going to social events or parties/clubs, even after the introvert says no, but I have never really been able to figure out why or find an answer for why this happens so...
  3. My personality type is confusing

    Hello! I joined 4 years ago but I never posted. I don't even know if I posted an intro. Anyway, it's been so long here is a new one anyway. I am an ambivert. That means I'm pretty much even on the introvert and extrovert scale. I'm not always EXACTLY even though all the time. I am technically...
  4. How do Te users use Fe, Fi, and Ti?

    Cognitive Functions
    For those with Te as their dominant or auxiliary, what does it look like when they incorporate the other judging functions? My assumption is that they primarily focus on making things work (because of their strong Te), and then secondarily use Fi to ensure that they personally like what works...
  5. Extroverts: Victims of Manipulation/Abuse

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi! New here, but love this site and it's insight :) I am writing a book and working on a character that has been heavily manipulated and abused since childhood. Coming out of that abuse, I'm trying to figure out what a very broken person (ptsd, fear, nervous) would look like as they begin to...
  6. Introverted ENFP?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    hi so I know it wouldn't make sense to be ENFP and introverted but this that I'm going to say made me doubt my type so many times, and I know I'm ENFP because I did several tests and researched cognitive functions for almost a year, but if you have any feedback I'll be glad to know. First of...
  7. [ENTP] Do ENTPs Feel More Attracted To Introverts or Extroverts?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I only bring this up because I think I might be slightly attracted to an ENTP...maybe. Not sure. Shut up. But I've noticed there are girls who can kind of speak out and laugh easily and smile alot and there are girls which don't easily do these things. I think those things can quite easily...
  8. Is reading a book (or reading anything in general) an example of Ne or Ni?

    Cognitive Functions
    Is reading a book (or reading anything in general) an example of Ne or Ni? Or does it have anything to do with cognitive functions at all?
  9. Ne-Fe loop: ESFJ or ENTP?

    What's my personality type?
    There's this person i know who has very strong Fe and Ne, i think he might be in a loop, but i'm not sure which is stronger, really. Extroverted Feeling: - very open & caring guy, always asking how everyone is, very inclusive - genuinely comforts you when you're sad, expresses "gushy" emotions...
  10. Introverts often face discrimination in the work place

    NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    I know that I am far from alone and that the system is cancer but having to put up with discrimination on the job is just pushing it too far. Today that is exactly what I experienced by a manager who has it out for me and a older coworker who decided to stab me in the back for a mistake that he...
  11. Extravert forced to be introvert & vice versa?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    What are your experiences when you were an introvert forced to socialize and maybe even thought you were an extravert? Or maybe you're an extravert who doesn't have friends (me) for several reasons and had to learn to be alone? I think the first example is more common in US and Canadian...
  12. Dominant and Auxiliary Functions: how they work together?

    Cognitive Functions
    Just curious to see if my current understanding of the dominant and auxiliary functions makes sense/is appropriate: Lead Judging (focused on understanding info/ideas) Dominant Te = goal is to interact with the external world to understand unbiased (often objective) reasons With auxiliary Si =...
  13. [INFP] Paradoxical Extravert Shutout (PES)

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hi, I made up this term to describe something that happens to me and that I hate very much. Maybe it happens to you too. So, introverts are seen as "shy", perhaps, because we don't initiate social things as much. And extraverts aren't shy because they are more out there and social. Paradoxical...
  14. What is the REAL definition of an extrovert & introvert?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi, there I'm new to the personality cafe community and I would like to ask a question: So what is the true meaning between an extrovert and introvert? Can you still be a 'quiet' extrovert or a 'loud' introvert? I was confused because people would mostly call me an introvert because I'm...
  15. Outgoing one week, nothing to say the next week

    General Psychology
    So I'm just curious and wanted to talk about this with others who are interested in psychology and personality. One week I'll be super outgoing, confident, and comfortable being me, the next week I'll want to stay home all the time and just sit and think. I also withdraw from friends and from...
  16. What three other MBTI types, other than your own, do you relate to?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Just feel like this might be a good way to narrow down ones type.
  17. Which Energizes You More, Happy Music or Sad Music?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    So everybody loves music. I love both sad and happy music. But for some weird reason, sad music tends to energize me more than happy music. I don't know if this is because happy music uses a lot more energy to listen to or what. I've scored as an Extrovert. My sister, more extraverted than I...
  18. Am I secretely an extrovert?

    What's my personality type?
    To start off, never have I ever considered myself to be an extrovert in my entire life. I was quite shy as a small kid, growing up I always had a small group of close friends but by no means was I popular or outgoing. Socializing had never been my favourite, in fact I was always quite an...
  19. A game of guess who without faces, friends or the classic board platform.

    What's my personality type?
    WILLING TO GIVE FREE THANKS (under the condition that you type me) Yes, like many on this same 'Whats my personality type' forum, I have opened up another thread asking others to type me because I'm still unsure and I like getting a wide range of perspectives. I've basically copied and pasted...
  20. Ambiverts: what type are you?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I'm just curious if the people who classify themselves as 'ambiverts' are more likely to be a certain type. I know xNFPs seem to classify themselves as ambiverts often, but do other types do too?