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  1. [INFP] Do you practise Spirituality and/or Meditation?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hello everyone! Recently I am very into learning more about spirituality and meditiation. I have already tried meditating some times in my life, but I never really managed it doing regularly. I have been feeling stressed out over the past weeks/months and as I am also a little without...
  2. Are there any Godly men on this board?

    Sex and Relationships
    I hope there are some godly men left. I've noticed a big difference in couples that are about church and couples that aren't. I'm looking for someone who would want to already go to church so I don't have to drag him there. Seems like nowadays I'm just meeting men that mainly want to hook up...
  3. News That Is Hard To Bear - Sept 15 2016

    This past weekend we moved to our new apartment. It's perfect for us. My mind, however, is split--not only because I don't do moves well, but because a young woman whom [my husband] and I cared for very much, whom we mentored and knew as more than just an acquaintance, was murdered. When...
  4. [INTJ] Is a garden beautiful without the belief that there are fairies at the bottom of it?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I am starting to read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and came across this quote at the beginning. "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too!" So, the question I have is two fold. Is nature as is...
  5. A Lost Ideal (Re-Uploaded)

  6. You're Not Alone

    I read about the heartbreak and fear and frustration so many are feeling at times in their lives and I just want to encourage you.... You're not alone. Others know too. Hang on. :tickled_pink: You're loved. You matter. Please trust that. :hearts:
  7. Griffiths famous speech(berserk)

    Book, Music, & Movie Reviews
    Recommended manga, anime and film-series. A manga with sooo much beauty, artistry, philosophy and gore.... One of many memorable scenes is Griffith's conversation with princess Charlotte. On men, dreams and friendship. The scene holds much meaning.... that is lost to those not familiar with...
  8. [ENFP] Introverted Feeling and Faith

    ENFP Articles
    Originally posted by @Vishalmisra Faith is a word that has many definitions within a multitude of contexts listed here: define:faith - Google Search. However, it is probably no surprise that I am focussing on religious faith with this. For those of us who were brought up in a religious...
  9. On The Nature of Faith and Happiness

    When I bring up the notion of "faith," I suspect a great many people I know would think me to be speaking in a religious orthodoxy, or at the very least, in some sort of "New Age" philosophy sort of way. In truth, I am very much a rational skeptic and a free thinker. Most of those who adhere to...
  10. [INTJ] Do you believe in a god?

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    The poll is for INTJs only. I hope others will respect this.
  11. [INFJ] Invitation to Discover Your Utmost

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hello All, As some of you may know... I tend to be very outspoken about my faith on PerC. Besides the Bible of course, one of the things that has really shaped and guided my faith has been the devotional "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers. I am going to post the daily...
  12. [INFJ] Opinions on Jesus

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Was he God in the flesh? Was he a liar? A well intentioned liar? Maybe insane or deluded? A political revolutionary who wanted to dismantle the Romans? Something else? What angle do you view him from? I feel sort of bipolar about him and the Christian faith/religion. One minute, I'll think its...
  13. [INFJ] Losing hope romantically...

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    So earlier today at college I was talking to a few girls and guys at a table, eventually the conversation turned to the topic of oral sex and I told them that I prefer that nobody sucks my crotch. The whole table was in shock, and both of the girls told me I was immature and...
  14. [INFP] INFPs and Selfishness

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I really, really, really hate it when I feel selfish. I just feel so disgusted with myself and my sin. (This sentence, more to do with my faith here.) And then I find myself sinking in despair because my thoughts keep going round in circles about my selfishness and it seems more and more...
  15. The Sunflower Knights - Extarordinary Stories of Ordinary People

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi Ladies and Sires! I am the Kani Knight. I am an ENFJ. I would like to introduce to you: 'The Sunflower Knights'. Just google the it to find the site. I cannot post links or images a this time. It is a blog which features short, true, extraordinary stories. Share your extraordinary but...
  16. Religious Dating Dealbreaker

    Sex and Relationships
    Christmas is upon us! So, given the season: You're infatuated with a lovely someone. You then learn of each other's spiritual perspectives. They're remarkably different and incompatible in long-term lifestyle coexistence. Do you continue courting in vain certain demise, even considering...
  17. Bullshit Arguments

    Let's get this out of the way. I am an agnostic atheist. I have no reason to believe in the existence of any deities whatsoever because of lack of demonstrable physical evidence that could stand up to scrutiny. However, I realize that people have their beliefs in a god or gods or nothing. I...
  18. Introverts in the Church

    Dear Introverted Christians, A lot of our churches are run to accommodate an extroverted audience, especially in the Pentecostal sector. While there is nothing wrong with demonstrating ones faith and belief in an external way, perhaps the apparent leaning towards the extroverted service could...
  19. Pray for a Stronger Back

    An old Jewish proverb states "Don't pray for lighter burdens, pray for a stronger back". It would seem that in all religious texts, no matter your religion, God makes no apology for pain and suffering. In fact, I have come to understand there is a sacred relationship between suffering and...
  20. Choices Part 1

    Yesterday I began thinking about the world of choices and how they affect our lives either for the better or worse and how my personal faith based beliefs are connected with it all. WARNING/DISCLOSURE: Contents DO contain matters concerning God, faith, & religion, so avoid reading if these...