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  1. Fire Emblem Awakening-MBTI?

    Guess the type
    Hello:) I am new here. I apoligize for my bad english and maybe my inexperience! I love this forum and I'm pleased to be here. What do you think? What types might they have? My guesses: ~FIRST GENERATION~ Robin: INTx? Chrom: ENFJ Lissa: ESFP. Frederick: ISTJ. Sully: ESTP. Virion: ESFP...
  2. Fire Emblem Awakening mbti

    Guess the type
    I've seen other thread with the same topic but I kinda want to start fresh~ These are my guesses... Chrom: ENFJ Robin: INTJ Lissa: ENFP Frederick: ISTJ Emmeryn: INFJ Sully: ESTP Stahl: xSFJ (leaning towards ISFJ) Vaike: ESTP Miriel: INTP Sumia: INFP Kellam: ISFJ Donnel: ESFJ Ricken: IxFP...
  3. MBTI of Fire Emblem Awakening characters?

    Guess the type
    I've been loving this game lately, and was thinking of starting a thread to guess the character's types. Here are my guesses (They're likely terribly wrong but I may as well give it a shot): FIRST GENERATION Robin: I could see the Avatar being an INTP, INTJ, or INFJ. Chrom: ESTJ. Lissa: ENFP...
  4. Fire Emblem

    Guess the type
    Anyone interested in typing Fire Emblem Characters from any game? I've played half way through most of them and all the way through one or two mostly so... Path of Radiance Ike - ESFJ or ENFJ Elincia Ridell Crimea - INFP Mist - Many say ENFP but I always saw her as ISFP Rhys - INFP <3 Oscar -...