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  1. [INFJ] Struggling to put out vibes

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    The flaw I'm having the most trouble with is that I don't put off enough vibes or energies or information about myself. People can't really connect to me because I don't give them anything to go off. I've been trying to lately but am struggling. Subconsciously it's hard for me to open up or give...
  2. [ENFJ] ENFJ novel character flaws

    ENFJ Forum - The Givers
    Hey everyone! I'm posting this thread seeking for some help from you ENFJ males out there - I'm a writer and currently fine-tuning some POV chapters of an ENFJ male hero that I've been writing. Adding a bit more depth and authenticity to the character, especially when inner dialogue chapters...
  3. [ENFP] Cynical towards weird faults of humanity?

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I've been so cynical of many things lately. A lot of pointless shit annoys me. IE if someone does one thing that I don't like; I'll dismiss them and find a flaw in them, no matter how stupid. I've found flaws in some of the best of human beings out there. I've found a flaw so pointless that...
  4. [INFP] "They think it's a flaw, but I don't"

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Suffice to say, we live in a fairly judgmental world. Whether it be an experience, how you look, what you believe in, or just generally how you behave, people may take pity upon you or think less of you for it. Still, it is within this that some of us have gained a sense of pride for having...