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  1. Goats in Flowers

  2. Happy Memory #770 - Turtle Flower

    I read finish Armageddon Rag yesterday!!! Awww, it left me with the warm fuzzies. Haha, I really love the twists near the end of the book, though I wonder if the middle portion dragged on a bit. But I can see why the set-up was needed, so things meant something at the end. But yes, the plot...
  3. Happy Memory #754 - Moose Flower

    I woke up from my nap freezing today. Cos I wanted to exercise tomorrow so I wore shorts. :( It was hard to breathe too because I think I had a slight nightmare. I dreamt that I was at some Christmas even and there was a Santa Claus on stage and he was throwing soft toys into the audience. And...
  4. Happy Memory #736 - Rose Dumplings

    Wanted to go out today to get pepper grinder. Fucking air. So we stayed home and my mum made this!!! Soba with meat and dumplings from my aunt. Homewrapped! With meat and spring onions in them. We haven’t wrapped any in so long! They’re really yummy and delicious. My mum also made all this...
  5. Happy Memory #688.2 - Curry Kitties

    And I saw the most amazing sights there!!!!!!! HELLO KITTYSSSSSS!!! There was a hello kitty bag with mooncakes but I didn’t want to eat the mooncakes cos it’s so sweet! And I love hello kitty but I don’t want to let other people know I love hello kitty. I don’t know it’s a bit childish right...
  6. Happy Memory #666 - Baobab Baobab Baobab Oh

    YOU BEAUTIFUL SPECIAL TREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so beautiful!!!! :D:D:D:D:D I want to hug you and kidnap you home through the security guards and plant you in my room so I can lie… erh somewhere on you and just get the awwwwwwws from hugging you you beautiful special...
  7. Happy Memory #642 - Purple Pansies

    Set A: Set B: Guess which set my mum took and which set I took? *drum rolls* I took Set B!!! My mum took Set A!!! I was looking through the pictures and I realised that my mum’s photo seems to have an overall mood to it kind of. Mine all looked hyper-focused on the subject in the...
  8. Happy Memory #641 - Favourite Plants

    THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE FLOWERS THERE because it was all high up and I struggled really hard to get a good pic. I had to move my phone down then quickly push it up and snap, because the lighting behind made it hard to illuminate it well. And this area was all high up after some stairs...
  9. Happy Memory #634.2 - Favourite Flowers

    They looked like leaves so everyone just waltzed by or didn’t like them because they’re not as striking in contrast with green leaves. But I thought they were beautiful because they remind me of lettuce which I like to eat and green is hip because bulbasaur rocks. Yeah kinda like the...
  10. Happy Memory #634.1 - Favourite Flowers

    My favourite flowers from today! A lot of the flowers I took photos of have no names because the name tags were askew or I forgot oops. Got about 50, but I’ll show the ones I love best! I LOVE THIS ONE! It’s so happy and yellow and shy at the same time hahahah. She was kinda hiding a little...
  11. Happy Memory #633 - Flower Drawing Earrings

    There were little kids following me around the gardens as I drew flowers. Hahahaha. I found it very amusing and it made me very happy, because I’m definitely not an artist. I just like to draw because it helps me see details more clearly. Like I noticed some things about the flowers I wouldn’t...
  12. [ISFP] Flowers

    ISFP Forum - The Artists
    Hey ISFPs When I think of ISFPs I always think of delicate flowers. Do any of you like flowers? Do you keep neat gardens? Are any of you flourists or would like to be one?