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  1. Cognitive Functions
    I have a theory that most ESxPs are overweight because their dominant Se makes them love food too much, however, Se is also assosciated with sport. Aside from that, do you think that types with high Se would struggle the most with sticking to a diet? Would they take the longest to stay vegan for...
  2. Health and Fitness
    I may be an exception to this as an INTP with ED [I track every single calorie and walk loads each day] but I have a theory that intuitives are more likely to graze small morsels through the day and generally be less interested in food, whild sensors would be more opposite if SJ’s are inclined...
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    I'm curious, which types are more likely to enjoy food a lot and "live to eat", and on the other hand, which types are more likely to be rather disinterested in food and more "eat to live"? On top of that, which types are more likely to develop eating disorders?
  4. Socionics Forum
    Hmm, I haven't seen a food thread around here, which is bizarre considering I as a Si dom love to cook and to eat. We should have a food thread, maybe share some delicious recipes? Idk if there is anything more relaxing in this world than cooking. Man I want to build this thing..
  5. Blog
    'Twixt morn & even, a twinning of lattes sufficed my appetite to assuage: One of honey-lavender and another of almond beflavored; After an hour's-plus commute, my glutt'nous appetite was inflamed. Then supped I for reals, upon sweets and dumplings, which I savored. Pouffe of dough with chocolate...
  6. Member Polls
    Have you ever looked down at your plate & found something that shouldn't be on your food? Please share your stories.
  7. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I figure most of us do fun spontaneous things, any examples to share of cool stuff we do? -After midnight sometimes I'll randomly dress for a run and drive around to find a rural, peaceful, area to go for a run. -I experiment making crazy nachos or seafood dishes. The more toppings the better...
  8. Member Polls
    What kind of chocolate is your favorite? Maybe you like them all equally, and you can't decide. Or maybe you hate chocolate. Tell us here! I personally love dark chocolate! :tongue:
  9. Health and Fitness
    from here: ========================= Why going vegan might not be a good idea ========================== There are voices which say that veganism might be bad for your long term health and I think this should be "brought on the table" as well. I think you always have to look at both sides of...
  10. Health and Fitness
    I really like black beans and cabbage at the moment. But not necessarily at the same time!
  11. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    So we've all gone out to eat and received food that is improperly cooked or we're just dissatisfied with. We have a few options, but what do we do about it? Please answer the poll and then feel free to write comments in the thread.
  12. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    So we've all gone out to eat and received food that is improperly cooked or we're just dissatisfied with. We have a few options, but what do we do about it? Please answer the poll and then feel free to write comments in the thread.
  13. Health and Fitness
    I've struggled with my weight all of my life and have been dropping the pounds lately. Figured I'd drop a few tips that might help. Probably been posted before but you might appreciate it anyways. 1: Diet is extremely important (Keto/mostly keto is really good) 2: You can have a cheat meal every...
  14. Member Polls
    Sweet, Sour or Salty ? What do you like best ? :cheers2::watermelon::carrot::do_not_feed_the_tro
  15. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    So, what is your favourite dip flavour? If I had to choose just one forever after, I think it would have to be "french onion dip" *To eat with crackers/vegtables as a snack etc. :tongue:
  16. Health and Fitness
    Hey folks, I know eating healthy food can sometimes be monotonous and its for that reason that I enjoy trying out foods of different cultures, both past and present. Here's a little write up I did on Persian cuisine. Have a read Here if you'd like. Thanks!
  17. Myers Briggs Forum
    I was feeling really homesick so I decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich.. and when I was too lazy to grab a spatula I flipped my grilled cheese with chopsticks. Then it hit me, I was curious, DO MORE OF ONE TYPE LIKE GRILLED CHEESE?! So here we are. DO YOU LIKE GRILLED CHEESE?!
  18. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I had a conversation with a friend a while back and we both said that we are able to experience colours more than just vision: hearing, tasting and feeling. The science behind it is that the stimulation of one sensory leads to an uncontrolled experience with a second sensory. I think it's...
  19. Blog
    Stressed out the past few weeks. I think that’s what led to me acting out. I feel a lot better now. I spent the whole of yesterday watching anime and playing Dead Zone. It was scary at first but then it got really fun!!!! Now I have enough storage space and I can store lots of stuff inside so...
  20. Blog
    YAAAY! I feel a lot better. I went out with E yesterday and we ate a lot of nice food. I also enacted some plans. I wonder how it’ll turn out. I hope for the better since I want to see where it leads. Let bygones be bygones. I'm not gonna hold a grudge. Just move into the future. I ate some...