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four temperaments

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    Knowing a person's temperament and learning style is part of the next step after MBTI typing. Identifying these can help in finding a romantic partner, job or career path, and finding a better way to learn a new skill. The information is detailed as follows: Four Temperaments (associated also...
  2. General Psychology
    Representation styles (four temperaments): Visual people - "Sanguine", fast movements, appear active and enthusiastic Auditory people - "Melancholic", medium-speed movements, appear analytical or quiet Olfactory people - "Phlegmatic", slow movements, appear peaceful and relaxed "Choleric"...
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    Go to Fighunter if you don't know yours. Mention or quote (@like this or ) the person you are temperament typing to make sure they get your response. Solitary Hide and Seek Envy-Hatsune Miku I meant MBTI! I failed.
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    These are vote threads started by PlushWitch million years ago (you still can vote): ENTP ENFP
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    You know, I always wanted to try doing this thread you know, because, well, I tend to notice that some personalities tend to be more present on some sites compared to others... And considering that I go on tumblr A LOT (I'm suzy-the-chaos-lord on there) and have witnessed the many parts of...
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    I first want to preface this with a wee anecdote... I first heard about the "Four Temperaments" back when I took a quiz in my middle school class; after the test, the teacher had us grouped up based on our results. I remember the "sanguine" kids were the biggest group, and pretty much already...