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  1. Why isn't there a school that teaches how to fuck?

    Sex and Relationships
    I mean literally a school for people who want to get good at fucking to impress bed mates and spare themselves embarrassment. The teachers fuck you, students fuck each other, etc.
  2. [ISTP] Can we talk about how hot ENFJs are

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    For real, I've never been so hung up on another person's opinion of me. By that I mean I inwardly bonked myself in the head for a good week. After which I forgot (mostly) he ever existed. In my weaker moments, I recall the disappointment over failing to capture this ENFJ's interest...
  3. [ENFP] Why the Fuck People do Passive Agressive ?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Well i don't know how to start since this is my first time i create a thread . But I need your fresh view or perspective , why people do passive-agressive behaviour . Why can't they crusade and explode their anger to us completely , i thought it was the most easiest way .... why they hold on...
  4. I strive to be perfect

    I know some people "think" to be perfect some "know" to be perfect and thereby I never wanna say I'm perfect. But I do feel as though, "I'm doing good now" when I have alot of friends. People like me. They wanna do stuff. They really really truly like having me around. That is what I want be...
  5. [ISTP] ISTP or INTP, help me!

    ISTP Forum - The Mechanics
    Greetings. So I took an online MBTI test a while back after a friend of mine got me interested. I ended up testing as INTP, but I didn't really study the whole MBTI thing in depth cause at the time I didn't give a shit. Fast forward a few years later, I'm back at it again and this time I'm...
  6. Fuck you

    Fuck you. Fuck you in your personal space and fuck you from afar. Fuck you while I'm walkin by and fuck you from my car. "Fuck" fits you so perfectly, cause that's exactly what you are. A non-evolving "Fucked up fuck up" preserved in a formaldehyde jar. You're just a fucking clown--...
  7. Fucking laptop (again).

    So, now I am on one of the shitty backup laptops with none of my stuff. I was going to just switch out hard drives and at least have everything I need, oh but of course.. this laptop has one of those older laptop HDs and the newer ones connectors are different. No fit. I just put a brand new...
  8. Beating a woman during sex, OK....

    Sex and Relationships
    My Ex had some strange fetishes, having sex in the grave yard, In Saint Andrews there is a very old cemetery by the sea side. But one thing I was very uncomfortable was that she got really aroused by getting beaten by me. She used to ask me to slap her and gag her while having sex... especially...
  9. I fucking hate SPs, don't you?

    SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators
    I'm sorry. Now that I have your attention and a potential reply to further my understanding of SPs (you got fooled... laugh... okay!?), I'd like everyone here to exchange in a debate with me. Ask me anything and everything and I promise you I will answer as honestly as possible. I pose this...
  10. Fisting: The Funniest Sexual Act?

    Sex and Relationships
    I asked a panel of experts about fisting and other funny sexual acts, and they came to the unanimous conclusion that I should leave them alone. What do you think?