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  1. Finally, I know I'm an ENxP

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Here's how I got it: I dislike routine/like variety and I'm quite flexible/adaptable. (even my family says that) I may be a bit too forgetful. I may be way too haphazard too. SJ types: GONE FOREVER I may have an unrealistic and imaginative attitude. SP types: GONE FOREVER I don't fit into...
  2. Confusion: Ti>Ne>Ni>Fi>Te>Si>Se>Fe

    Cognitive Functions
    I don't doubt my type, given that the one I identify the most with is INTP, and all the tests that I have taken so far seem to agree, including those that test for funtions. Whatever the system, I get the same results. I am deeply unfamiliar with functions and know close to nothing about...
  3. Examples of each cognitive function?

    Cognitive Functions
    I'm having trouble understanding and I think some examples for each function would help
  4. Real MBTI Cognitive Function Differences vs Stereotypes

    Cognitive Functions
    This was probably asked a lot of times but, the internet is full of cognitive function descriptions, some are more accurate than others. According to you, what's the difference between real cognitive functionz and stereotypes or oversimplifications for each cognitive function? How would you...
  5. Clones without Bones

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hey! :) Newbie here! I was doing some reading about MBTI and Jungian functions (along with Enneagram and other ways to type personalities). And it suddenly hit me, what about Split? As in the movie, the sequel of Unbreakable. (Really great movie) The confusing thing for me was, there were 24...
  6. How does your type generally show kindness and care for others without Fe?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Curious to see how kindness/love plays out in types who are not Fe-dominant, or do not have Fe in their primary stack at all. Also because I believe kindness/caring for others is NOT AT ALL dependent on the functions you use. Sure, being strong with Fe will make it easier to care for others...
  7. Speaking the truth vs withholding info to maintain harmony: Te, Fe, Fi, Ti

    Cognitive Functions
    Any type can speak the truth as well as evade it to keep everyone happy, but the major differences are found in the REASONS each type will do so, and I wanted to see if my interpretations of those reasons have any accuracy. From what I understand about the differences among Te, Fe, Fi, Ti, it...
  8. Real life examples of how each of the 16 types can use the functions in healthy ways?

    Cognitive Functions
    I've read general summaries of healthy/unhealthy versions of the 16 types and have my own speculations about how those can be demonstrated by specific behaviors in real life, but I'm curious to see how other people have experienced healthy versions of any of the 16 types-- specifically, what...
  9. How could someone who is dumb and pleasure-seeking still have dominant/auxiliary Ti?

    Cognitive Functions
    I've noticed that most people agree upon xxTP for certain TV show characters that aren't necessarily considered smart, intellectual, or curious like most dominant/auxiliary Ti users tend to be. For example, there seems to be a general consensus that Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men is ESTP...
  10. Knowing Why and How: Ni or Ti?

    Cognitive Functions
    I've been thinking of Ni as detailed, organized ideas and possibilities; Ti as personal understanding of why/how something works. But some people have been describing Ni as understanding the why/how as well. So if someone is primarily interested in understanding why/how something works, are they...
  11. Examples of Healthy and Unhealthy xxTJ? and xxTP?

    Cognitive Functions
    I have a handful of friends and acquaintances that I actually know well enough, and all of them are xxFJs or xxFPs (at least the ones who know their MBTI, the ones who don't I can definitely see the Fe and/or Fi in them). Thus, I believe I have a good understanding of what healthy and unhealthy...
  12. Selfish and Loving Versions of Each Judging Function

    Cognitive Functions
    Selfish versions of each judging type Te = it's all about making my own plans to make everything work the way I want it to work, using my factual knowledge (Si) and/or ideas (Ni) Ti = it's all about using whatever I can understand on the go to make anything work the way I want it to work...
  13. Extraverted Thinking/Feeling vs Introverted Thinking/Feeling?

    Cognitive Functions
    It seems like people with Fe in their cognitive stack are more likely to have their moods affected by external sources, such as how other people are behaving, how other people are treating them. Their moods may even be affected by certain parts of the environment that may not have to do with...
  14. Motivating factors: do it for personal happiness vs for fulfilling reasonable goals

    Cognitive Functions
    It seems easy to jump to the conclusion that people who have dom/aux Fi would be more driven to do something because it makes them happy while those who have dom/aux Te would be more driven to doing something because it fulfills reasonable goals. However, this seems like a weak interpretation of...
  15. How do Te users use Fe, Fi, and Ti?

    Cognitive Functions
    For those with Te as their dominant or auxiliary, what does it look like when they incorporate the other judging functions? My assumption is that they primarily focus on making things work (because of their strong Te), and then secondarily use Fi to ensure that they personally like what works...
  16. Type me if you can (not sure if IxxP or xxTJ)

    What's my personality type?
    1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind. Male in early 20s, currently studying in college technology...
  17. MBTI type and anger

    Myers Briggs Forum
    So I know at least gut types in enneagram are equated with anger, and I was having a discussion with some about MBTI types and anger. and I began to question, but couldn't find a thread so I said hey I should make one. 1. Do you think the way someone expresses anger or what makes them angry...
  18. Your most frequent mistype and your explanation for that

    Cognitive Functions
    I frequently mistype as an ISTJ. The reason is that my Fe used to be very underdeveloped which is why I relied on Ti for a long time. This made me very cold and detached at times and heavily focused on logic. My Fe has improved significantly during the last year but some of my values (relying...
  19. Tell the person above you how to deal with their inferior function!

    Cognitive Functions
    It's simple: You tell about a negative manifestation of your inferior function and give the person above you advice how to deal with theirs. Inferior Ne: When I'm in a bad mood I can be very negative (see only the bad things) and only see the current situation instead of the big picture...