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    Why do I feel this way ? Hi everybody I hope your having a wonderful day and I would please ask a moment of your time to help me out, or just give me some form of insight. Okay so here goes. About a few years ago when I just started learning about how the social world works, when I was still a...
  2. Sex and Relationships
    What's so wrong with Furries? Debate commence!
  3. Blog
    I recently finished college and I've been thinking of what to do next and I just can't come to final disition. I've been told that I should make my mind up and be quick about it because oppotunity doesn't wait. It was during January this year that I went serching (for the second time) for a UK...
  4. Blog
    Have you allowed your fear of not being original make you forget that you are in fact the origin of your own work? - The Artist's Way I reworded the original question. Redundancy is redundant. At first, I wanted to answer this question with a firm 'no.' What fear of being original? I thrive on...
1-4 of 7 Results