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  1. Generation Z Forum
    Anyone believe that we’re reminiscent of Generation X in terms of our attitude and outlook on life?
  2. Generation Z Forum
    Considering that a lot people especially the millennials couldn't find work or money even with a degree. I personally don't dig college as I see it as mostly a scam along with the fact degrees rarely measure someone's intelligence. But anyway what do you guys think?
  3. The Generations
    Considering the fact that a lot people especially the millennials have struggled to find work and money even after getting a degree. I personally don't dig college as I do view as a scam for most americans and I'm rarely impressed buy someone with a degree because that doesn't truly measure...
  4. Generation X Forum
    Hello, I'm just wondering what advice Gen Xers may have for under 25 INFPs. Anything that sticks out like a sore thumb? Anything you wish you knew when you were younger? Or just anything you wish to tell us, please say! :) (Other types can give advice as well ^^) [Sorry mods if this isn't the...
  5. The Generations
    Just something I wanted to share to y'all. What do you think?
  6. Generation Y Forum
    Do you consider the 4th gaming generation to be a Gen X gaming generation or a Gen Y gaming generation? Obviously most of those who played those games as kids would've been the older Millennials, yet those who played it as teens would've been X/Y cusps or even core Xers. Would you say the...
  7. The Generations
    Well, although I'm not sure how the generations was named (If X, then Y, then Z then by what I understand is that it's based on the English alphabet, correct me if I'm wrong) Also, why is generation before Gen X called Baby Boomers? I apologize if this is rather foolish, I'm not familiar with...
  8. Generation X Forum
    This was stolen from the Gen Y Forum. I was 7 when 9/11 happened and remember being picked up by my mom, who was hysteric. I never really talked to her about it. It was always like the big elephant in the room. But I'm curious to know how it affected people her age. Certainly the adults had a...
  9. Generation X Forum
    What are the greatest career challenges you face? I'm interested!
  10. Generation Y Forum
    I'm just at the tail end of Gen X myself, but I do notice some generational differences between X and Y. I teach, and lately, I've been noticing something that might be generational -- and I'm wondering if there's a way I can address it better with my students. Is anyone up for helping me out...
1-10 of 13 Results