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    When I say that I mean in culture, politics, sports and just about every single aspect that defines the decade.
  2. Generation Y Forum
    TBH I don't really have a clear answer on this myself, But here is my list on who could potentially have that title: Drake Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Bruno Mars Katy Perry Nicki Minaj Maroon 5 Ed Sheeran Ariana Grande Who would you think dominated the decade most or what would be...
  3. Generation Z Forum
    If you consider decades from 1970s -2010s which decades fashion you like most and why?
  4. The Generations
    Are they more like 80s born Millennials or the millennium borns? EDIT: More specifically, are mid 90s babies (94-95ish) more like 80s born Millennials or millennium borns? 2ND EDIT: Don't use comparisons such late 80s babies to early 90 babies or late 90s babies to early 00s babies, it's too...
  5. Generation Z Forum
    Considering that a lot people especially the millennials couldn't find work or money even with a degree. I personally don't dig college as I see it as mostly a scam along with the fact degrees rarely measure someone's intelligence. But anyway what do you guys think?
  6. The Generations
    Considering the fact that a lot people especially the millennials have struggled to find work and money even after getting a degree. I personally don't dig college as I do view as a scam for most americans and I'm rarely impressed buy someone with a degree because that doesn't truly measure...
  7. Generation Z Forum
    Hello I've been wondering what decade kid are you
  8. The Generations
    Hi All! I'm a 26 year old female feeling really lost with life right now. I went to uni, worked in my area of study and found financially I haven't been able to make a livable income from it. I've left that field and taken up a 'day job' so I can save money to move overseas next year but I don't...
  9. The Generations
    I recently read an article that looked into the "new data" that millennials aren't moving out of their hometowns. At first, as a millennial, I thought this was terrible. Young people need to move to get the best opportunities, right? They need to see the world, right? Then, I realized the...
  10. Generation X Forum
    Hello, I'm just wondering what advice Gen Xers may have for under 25 INFPs. Anything that sticks out like a sore thumb? Anything you wish you knew when you were younger? Or just anything you wish to tell us, please say! :) (Other types can give advice as well ^^) [Sorry mods if this isn't the...
  11. The Generations
    Just something I wanted to share to y'all. What do you think?
  12. Generation Z Forum
    The most concrete definition for Gen Z is 1995-2009, going by that, the oldest Gen Zers are now 21 and able to legally purchase alcoholic beverages, in the United States that is. In most countries, including our bordering Canada and Mexico, the legal age is 18, and American 18-20 year olds that...
  13. Generation Y Forum
    Do you consider the 4th gaming generation to be a Gen X gaming generation or a Gen Y gaming generation? Obviously most of those who played those games as kids would've been the older Millennials, yet those who played it as teens would've been X/Y cusps or even core Xers. Would you say the...
  14. Generation Y Forum
    Since millennials will occupy 75% of the workforce by 2025, I think it's super important for companies to start developing a work culture that millennials will enjoy. I was curious what makes a workplace worth sticking around for millennials?
  15. The Generations
    Well, although I'm not sure how the generations was named (If X, then Y, then Z then by what I understand is that it's based on the English alphabet, correct me if I'm wrong) Also, why is generation before Gen X called Baby Boomers? I apologize if this is rather foolish, I'm not familiar with...
  16. Generation Z Forum
    If you follow perC, its time for a new generation after gen Z. It maybe 2015/2016 as start date. What we can call them? What will be their features?
  17. Generation Y Forum
    Stuff it: Millennials nix their parents’ treasures - The Washington Post For those who don't want to click on the article, the basic idea is that Baby Boomers are downsizing their houses and trying to give up all their saved furniture and treasures away. Many of them are baby clothes or...
1-19 of 24 Results