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  1. [Generation X] So, how are you handling midlife?

    Generation X Forum
    Hello everyone. This is my first time joining any sort of online forum. And I've really been enjoying reading through some of the threads and posts. My reasons for joining are really two-fold. 1. I'm going to hit 50 next year and the mid-life transition has been tough for a number of reasons...
  2. [Generation X] Poll: Generation X Span

    Generation X Forum
    What Generation Span do you agree or identify with for Generation X? Votes will be kept Private. Views should be respected in the comment area. Just like Demographers, Authors and Sites have different views of Start and End for a Generation it is okay for each person to have different views...
  3. What would be the start and end of each year of each generation cohort?

    The Generations
    What would be the start and end of each year of each generation cohort (if you were the one that get's the last say and gives the green light)? These are for: Baby Boomers Generation Jones Generation X Xennials Generation Y Generation Z **You can create another generation in between if you...
  4. All Generations: If you were stranded on an Island for a year, which 10 songs ...

    The Generations
    would you wish to hear? Question :computer:If you were stranded on an Island for a year, which 10 songs would you wish to hear? :carrot:
  5. [Generation Z] My questionnaire about Generations

    Generation Z Forum
    Hope I am doing the right thing here, but here it goes. I am in my final year of High School and for my High School Certificate project for Society & Culture, I need to create a questionnaire, as part of my primary research. I would really appreciate it if you could please answer my...
  6. [Generation Z] I'm Generation YZ (Generation Y) but Acts like Generation X.

    Generation Z Forum
    I'm Born in very-early 1995, but I'm Considered Generation Y, but I do accept as a cusp but the worst part is that I don't have a typical Generation Y Traits, I have mind of and have traits of those who are Generation X. I do retain some Gen Y/Z traits, which is a catch-all traits, but most of...
  7. [Generation X] Useful advice for the younger generation?

    Generation X Forum
    Hello, i was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some advice that would be useful to someone of my gen. I'd love to hear any and all wisdom that you all have to offer :) .
  8. New (to personality cafe) INTJ

    I took the Myers-Briggs test many years ago (around 1992?), when TQM was all the rage and "assessing" the employees was part of the whole TQM process. At first I answered the questions with what I thought should be the "right" answers, instead of being true to myself. I was identified as an...
  9. [ENTP] Trends Ageing as an ENTP

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    A recent thread giving sound advice to an ENTeenP made me wish that I had had someone to tell me all those things when I was in High School. Then I thought, I wonder if any...more mature (baby-boomerish) ENTPs have advice that they wish they had known in their 20s. I'm in my last year at college...
  10. [Generation Y] Throwbacks & The Generations

    Generation Y Forum
    There has been much speculation over when a generation begins and when it ends. I actually consider myself more of a Gen Xer even though I was born in what this forum lists as Gen Y. (78) I have been told I am a throwback by different people on different occasions. Am I a throwback? Maybe...