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  1. [ENTP] ENTP Girls: Can You Describe Yourself For Me?

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    Sounds kinda perverted....But its not. Unless you make it that way. I want to know, only because I've been typed ENTP on this site repeatedly, but i never score entp in tests as i am more introverted and am close to 50/50 on F-T. I find that its hard to relate to the entp personality with all...
  2. [ENTP] An actual guide to spotting wild female ENTPs.

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    First of all, maybe this is just me, maybe it's Maybelline BUT I want to clear some things up surrounding us ENTPs of the female variety. This may come across as more than a little ranty but hey, what do you expect when hunting ENTPs? You better get used to it, sunshine. This will be reposted in...
  3. Guy friends vs Girl friends discourse

    Sex and Relationships
    This is specifically about friendships between men and women. In my short 21 years on this planet, this topic has come up many many times before. This specific question is not whether or not men and women can be just friends. I don't know if this is a cultural thing but the only people I have...
  4. Sexual Attraction

    Sex and Relationships
    How can you tell if you feel sexual attraction towards someone? To be honest, I'm confused. :confused2: People say that you just *know* if you do, but their descriptions are too vague and it makes me even more confused. Thank you!
  5. [ENFP] ENFP girls and low self esteem guys

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Hi there! I don't know about you, but I seem to attract this type of guys... yes, you know, parasites. The type of negative, introverted guys who seek for attention and suck people's energy. At first I'm not attracted to them, they come to me and show their interest until I get curious to know...
  6. Gothgirls or Cowgirls?

    Sex and Relationships
    Fellas, which would you rather do, a gothgirl or a cowgirl? I think the cowgirl is sexier, but the gothgirl may be less annoying... What do you guys think?
  7. ISTJ guy and ESTP girl

    Hey guys, this thread I am talking about the romantic relationship between a really cool pair of personalities: ISTJ and ESTP I am obviously an ISTJ person, although I am not sure about the I. A lot of time I feel like ESTJ, for I love to be the leader, interacting and managing other people...
  8. I might like multiple girls?

    Advice Center
    I might like multiple girls? Help? Btw, I'm only in 8th grade so...
  9. What your Response ??

    SP's Temperament Forum- The Creators
    When a girl say "I love you", what's your response? what the first thing do you see in a girl? - pretty - independent - smart - feminine
  10. [ENTJ] ENTJ ladies and femininity

    ENTJ Forum - The Executives
    ENTJ ladies, do you find yourselves feminine? How do other people perceive you when it comes to this? I have to admit that I was a huge tomboy when I was a kid, and especially when I hit puberty. It could do something with the fact that I entered the puberty earlier than I was really ready to...
  11. What brought u joybeams & peace as a kid? When last have feeling as an adult? How?

    NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    What brought u joybeams & peace as a kid? When last have feeling as an adult? How? You know that peaceful, joyous feeling of childhood play? Lack of inhibitions. Freedom. Excepting those in child-slavery and similarly severe circumstances, even those with the crappiest backgrounds had at...
  12. [ISFJ] Booty Calls: Woes of the Spineless

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    I've been in a relationship for a few months now and am just breaking up with this girl. We're breaking up because we have different future interests: she wants short term, whereas I'm looking for a longer term relationship (potentially marriage). We both still have feelings for each other and...
  13. Flirting... help!

    Sex and Relationships
    Ok so it seems that I've always been single. I've only had 3 short relationships and they each only lasted about 2 months. I tried online dating for 2 years but now I'm fed up with it. I want to meet people in real life, but I lack the skills to engage with people I don't know. Like if I...
  14. Here's one for Gilmore Girls fans!

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I just wanted to have a thread for those of us who love the show and all it brings. I am male, but that shouldn't mean I can't enjoy the intelligence and humor that is delivered by such an amazing cast of characters. The dialogue is phenomenal, and the references made have enriched my...
  15. [ENTP] ENTP's flirting ''tricks and tips''

    ENTP Forum- The Visionaries
    I know that probably there is a thread about ENTP's and flirting, but not like this one hopefull will be. So I'm an ENTP male and I've always been very bad at flirting, in any kind and form, but what really bugs me it's that it makes sense for us, entps, be GOOD at this, we have the hability to...
  16. (Men only) what age did you first touch a girl's boobs?

    Sex and Relationships
    Mine was 13
  17. [ISFP] Does my ISFP friend, like me, the INFP?

    ISFP Forum - The Artists
    :unsure: So, I know this is probably a question that's been asked and answered, but this is my purpose for joining this friendly website in the first place. (Anywho - hi everyone! I'm an INFP!) <3 This fella, I've known him for about 5ish years or so, more or less. I want to know what an ISFP...
  18. [INTJ] Looking for comments (especially from INTJ, INTP, INFP) on music video:Girls Who Read

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    PG-13 language to refer to certain attractive lady parts...:kitteh:
  19. [INFJ] INFJ Girls, What's Your Kind of Guy?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hi! INFJ girl here! I'm just curious to know what other INFJ girls like and dislike in men. And even a couple of TURN ONS and TURN OFFS. ;) I'm a teenager, so my list may be a bit different. But hey, they say INFJ teenagers have "old souls." (I know this irrelevant, and I'm trying to boast, but...
  20. Let's talk about Jemima Kirke.

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Has anyone mbti typed Jemima Kirke? What are your thoughts?