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  1. Do you guys give a sh!t about the Big 5?

    General Psychology
    Anyone? I hardly ever notice it's reference on this site, which I think is strange because it has no ambiguity in comparison to the ones that are generally discussed here. It's straightforward, and testable. Do you guys know much about it? I've been planning on writing up a short little...
  2. My INTP autobiography. (plz give feedback)

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Hellow fellow mbti followers. I'm new to this website and would appreciate any feed back whatsoever regarding this bit that I wrote about myself. Or perhaps we could discuss perceptive functions... Seriously though no matter how boring you find this, I NEED some feed-back, it seems no one cares...
  3. Give obedience a chance

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Ok I rarely bring out this interest for some reasoN I find it intimmidationg, but I have a strong fascination witth hypnosis and mind control and psychological mumbo jumbo It excites me i was just wondering if anyotn else out there shares the interest? Just private message me no need for you...
  4. Does having friends cause Extroversion or does Extroversion give you friends?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Does having friends cause extroversion or does extroversion cause you to have friends? Discuss.
  5. I dont give a #$%^

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I saw this statement in another post and I would like to touch on it a little bit more and would be a little off topic in that thread. I did not know how to title it appropriately to be considerate, change it if need be. I too seem to say I dont give a [email protected]#$ a lot myself. Why do we do that? I...
  6. Give me a hand, no really.

    Member Photos & Videos
    Let's see your hands people. I'm left handed. My hands are quite scarred, the palms are also quite large but the fingers are short. Surprised this topic has yet to be done.
  7. Giving and receiving affection...

    Sex and Relationships
    Which do you prefer: to give or to receive. :laughing: Naughty. Get your minds out of the gutter - I don't necessarily mean it in that way, just affection in general. Do you have problems expressing it? I know I do, I come off as cold when actually I'm very loving - just awkward when...
  8. Relationships-- What do you give and need?

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I think what fascinates me the most in life is relationships. Parent/ child, best friends, and lovers. But especially lovers :tongue:. So this is my question to throw to the gallery: ENFPs (and other types are also welcome to answer, but I'm curious to know how I stack up in comparison with my...