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  1. Science and Technology
    Google seems to be trying to overthrow the U.S.A., this could be bigger than Watergate and Snowden combined and could perhaps be the downfall of Google...
  2. General Psychology
    Inspired by an article made by Mark Manson about the Internet. I had a random thought if someone from some company, organization, government or whatever wanted to forced everybody to show their face, location, age and sex from every webiste that existed in the Internet even 4chan(maybe not)...
  3. Intro
    Hi there! Well my name is megan but I would prefer going by harper. Animals are so cute, I just love them! However, I dont have any pets...Yet! Picky with food but it also means I love to cook and bake perfection! Especially for my boyfriend (ISTj)! Admittedly a Teen Drama/romance junkie! Love...
  4. Myers Briggs Forum
    For entertainment, I browsed the top searches for each personality type and well, the results were pretty interesting. Not the most flattering, but interesting. So I thought I'd compile it in one image and share it with you guys^^ i died at the jedi one lmaooo **NOTE that this is in no way...
  5. INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    I just realised that there's no thread like this (that I could find) so I decided to make one and present it to my INTJ friend. Let's be stereotypicel :P
  6. Guess the type
    Like amagad pplz...a female CEO of a Fortune 500 tech company, preggers for the first time at age 37! :shocked:
  7. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I just googled MBTI forum and found this haha. You?
  8. Myers Briggs Forum
    What personality types tend to "google" compulsively? Types that search nonstop. What are the personality types that use search engines in a compulsive continuous manner? Types that search obsessively?
  9. Science and Technology
    I recently bought a Nokia Nuron for cheap because....well it was really cheap. And I'm used to my phones having access to my e-mail. But this one did not! And boy did it peeve me. But I found a work-around! So I thought I'd share it with the internet. This trick is for you if: You have a...
1-10 of 15 Results