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  1. ENFP getting into a PhD program in Microbiology

    Education & Career Talk
    Hello, I am a 20 year old ENFP in my last year of undergraduate school and have begun the process of applying to graduate programs in microbiology. I am terrified by what others tell me about what I will experience in grad school. I think I will enjoy it more than undergrad (if I get in)...
  2. [ENFP] Surviving med/law school as an ENFP

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    For you guys who've been through the meat grinder that is professional school, I'm curious about the following questions: 1) Did you change up your study habits to accommodate all the info you had to study in such a short time frame? 2) Did you use a special planner book or app to organize...
  3. Any Law Students or Legal Professionals?

    Education & Career Talk
    As an ESTP, my perception of law school is a lot of judgment. Time management and task prioritization seem to be the skills troubling me the most. Otherwise I'm doing great with meeting people/building relationships, being cold called upon by professors, and taking charge (after everyone else...
  4. NT or NF? You might be an artist!

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Surprising results from a poll given to graduates students in my MFA(Masters of Fine Arts) program. As it is related to my work, I was able to convince my fellow graduate students to all take the KTS-II, the results were really interesting to me. Students were asked casually to take the test...
  5. Creative Writing Graduate Programs

    Education & Career Talk
    Hello PCers! I'm wondering if any of you have been or are currently enrolled in creative writing programs and can offer perspective on the project? At the moment I'm pursuing an undergraduate degree in English Lit. and History, and I'm beginning to wonder what it is that I'd like to do after. I...
  6. [INFP] INFP and Graduate School

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Hi everyone, I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in pscyhology and would love to get my Ph.D. I'm awesome at getting the concepts and I'm even okay in statistics but what I fear most is the research. It's just so detail-oriented. I admit I have trouble with this, the routine...