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  1. Truth....... or not?

  2. [INFJ] Jealousy: Tell us how you experience it

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    How do you experience the emotion of jealousy and its related emotion, envy? Is it something you feel only in relationships, or only in your work or career? Do you feel envious of those who are more successful than you, or over people you have close personal relationships with? And finally, when...
  3. Are certain people made numb by morphic resonance?

    General Psychology
    Morphic resonance is based on the idea that certain people acquire skills faster, when related individuals have already learned the material. If there is a genetic lineage that is older than the rest of humanity, then one would assume that they would be made numb in the course of time, through...
  4. "Serpents and Sergeants" (Poem)

    Serpents and sergeants Soothsayers and seers Prophets and demagogues Neighbours and peers One writes the story, others narrate the scene One actor lives the drama, one relays what he's seen A ton of money spent to make them content Heaven knows where the rest are sent If you come into this...
  5. [Enneagram Type 8] 8's perspective on lust

    Type 8 Forum - The Challenger
    i just realised this: lust is always referred to with a very powerfully negative connotation, right? but i've always had an appreciation for certain kinds of lust - for instance, the first time i came across the phrase 'lust for life' it quite thrilled me. in terms of behaviour, i love it when...
  6. Money?

    I noticed that some bloggers here wrote about money and world that is ran by materialistic thoughts. I don't have any desire to gather shitload of money just to be rich. I'd hate myself if I'd turn into a that kind of greedy person. It'd also make me feel more empty. All I want is that I have...