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  1. Guess the type
    Hello everyone. I'm new to this site, and by new I mean I-just-joined-two-seconds-ago new. So, I've been doing a Greek Mythology roleplay with my friend on Discord for awhile. I've been wondering about my characters' types and enneagram for quite awhile. I have typed them before, but I started...
  2. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    After the Greek Godess test, it is now time for the Greek God Test. The version for men. :wink: The Which Greek God Are You Test I'm Hephaestus.
  3. Guess the type
    I love Greek mythology, it's extremely telling in personalities, and although personalities do differ I'd say it's still possible to type many of the Gods and Goddesses. My contribution so far, would be: Aphrodite: ESFP/ ENFP (depending on the myth, in the myth of Narcissus she seems very S...
1-3 of 4 Results