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  1. How Others View the SJ Temperament

    SJ's Temperament Forum- The Overseers
    I would like to hear how the other three temperaments honestly feel about SJs, and introverted sensing in general. Many people don’t understand its full power, and view Si as second-rate compared to intuitive functions. We’re all just here to help, so please feel free to explain how _S_Js can...
  2. [Enneagram Type 4] ESTJ 4w3?

    Type 4 Forum - The Individualist
    I know this seems like an impossible idea. Please, if anybody is willing to discuss this with me, I would greatly appreciate it. If an ESTJ was a 4w3 . . . What would that be like? Would they seem like an INFP or ISFP at first glance, but the more you got to know them, it was obvious that they...
  3. Is it just me, or is society a pointless hellhole run by sjs?

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Maybe that's just where I live. I love informal debating, and anytime I raise a point, my conversation partner's rebuttal is 'because those are the rules.' Is it inaccurate to expect more of them? I think not, but maybe this is just the folly of humankind. Everyone is domineering...
  4. [ISFJ] You doubt you're an ISFJ when...

    ISFJ Forum - The Nurturers
    Inspired by the ISTJ Forum. And yes, I KNOW that these assumptions are just based on stereotypes, no need to tell me that. Ok, lets start: You doubt you're an ISFJ when... You are (contrary to stereotypes) interested in abstract theories (e.g. physics and philosophy and psychology) You're...
  5. [INFP] Are You Prideful And Prejudiced Against The SJs?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I am not prideful and prejudiced when it comes to the SJs, the Guardians, the Protectors, or what ever you want to call them. Really I'm not. They have so many valuable qualities. They have logistical extraordinaire, are safety experts, gurus of social acceptability, and many other things. Its...
  6. Say 3 things that make the personality type above you SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Here I am, an ENTP... Go ahead and try to say ONLY 3 things that make us sexy... Hey, I know it is hard as hell, but try to narrow it down to 3 ONLY. :wink:
  7. What each temperament judges a person most on/looks for most in a person:

    Myers Briggs Forum
    What each temperament judges a person most on/looks for most in a person: Idealists (NFs): Character, Values Rationals (NTs): Intelligence, Independence Guardians (SJs): Status, Competence Artisans (SPs): Appearance, Personality A generalisation, of course, and not intended to say some groups...
  8. Temperament Allocation in Population

    Myers Briggs Forum
    I was having a conversation with an ENFP on the topic of dealing with Guardians (SJ) and Artisans (SP) and noticed that they make up a larger percentage of population by a large margin. My main question is that why do you think that is the case? I was theorizing that it could be the...
  9. Names and Descriptions for two-letter Type Groupings (e.g. ES__, I__P, _N_P, __TJ)

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Kiersey organised the sixteen types into four major groups, _S_J, _S_P, _NT_, and _NF_. Myers preferred to organise them as _ST_, _NT, _SF_, and _NF_. I've seen various nicknames applied to Kiersey's four groups and to the individual types, and descriptions of the groups' shared characteristics...
  10. What Do Sensors (S's) Really Think

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Okay so I love this forum. I come here often, either to just browse interesting topics or to find an answer to a question relating to MBTI (i.e. South Park character personalities). Here is my problem. As much as I love PersonalityCafe I think that it has a VERY HIGH iNTUITIVE SLANT. I...
  11. [ESTJ] Hello ESTJs! What things do you admire/hate in a person?

    ESTJ Forum - The Guardians
    Curiousity overwhelmed me so I started this thread. :P