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  1. Myers Briggs Forum
    For fun! Can you make a A HAIKU POEM ( a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five) about your personality type OR a personality type you love/like? Here is a sample--Mine of course ENFP :) Can you do it? If I could only finish what I started now I...
  2. Myers Briggs Forum
    I'm E-S-F-J I'm naturally practical Although, I can dream
  3. Myers Briggs Forum
    A simple haiku is three lines, the first line is 5 syllables, the second is 7, and the last is 5 syllables again. I'd like to collect a handful of haikus from someone of each type, if possible! Feel free to write about other types, as well. I am INFJ. My haiku is: Someone once told me, "Don't...
  4. INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Light Meditation Cherry blossoms drift on the wind, and I wonder what to have for lunch. Middleing Meditation Cherry blossoms fall on the ground. I stroll my path, contemplating stuff. Heavy Meditation More cherry blossoms. What the fuck is that about? It's not even Spring. Your...
  5. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    This is the last post in this thread that should not be in haiku format. I thought it would be fun for INFPs. Here's the story. Last month I was feeling bored and I decided I would make all Facebook and Twitter posts in haiku for a week. It was a fun challenge. People got into it, and I found...
1-15 of 16 Results