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head types

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    I've been ill, now getting well, so I found this. After reading it to my ENFP husband who grinned so much as I read it aloud that his dimples showed huge, he said, "Yes, it might be plausible." Bigger grin which elicited one from me.
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    Recently, I had to prematurely leave my University studies for the remainder of the semester. A month or so prior, I began to have disturbing nightmares (every single night). These dreams would go long and uninterrupted, uncharacteristic of my typical sleep pattern(s). They were not your...
  3. Head Triad - Types 5,6,7
    I know that it is possible for every head type to be phobic and counter-phobic, but the only descriptions I can find on it are for 6s. Anyone have any insight into this?