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  1. I really feel like I'm meant to do something great for some reason

    Myers Briggs Forum
    As stated in the title, I really feel like I have something "great" to accomplish although i can't really put my finger on what or more importantly, wether I'm not deluding myself or not. I'm pretty (about 90%) sure that I'm an INFP (Could this feeling be an INFP thing or something?) and I'm...
  2. Psychology and the Air Force

    Education & Career Talk
    I am currently a freshman in university majoring in Cognitive Psychology with a (built-in) minor of Philosophy and a plan to minor in (possibly) Biology or Spanish. It is my understanding that getting a career in this field all depends on the licenses I get, and I plan to get my masters in...
  3. Obamacare- Explain it to me!

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Hi people, while I was folding the laundry I watched the news and the reporter said that the obamacare is not going so well. That there were only about 150 000 that had shown interest in it, now that strikes odd to me. Why is there so little interest in the USA about the obamacare? When the...
  4. [ISFP] ISFP's and a career in medicine?

    ISFP Forum - The Artists
    Hi everyone! :) I was wondering if any of you ISFP's out there are currently in medicine or know of other ISFP's who are. If so, how is it going?? Kinda some background as to why I'm asking... I'm a high school senior and currently in the process of applying to colleges, considering majors...