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    Hi everyone! I really don't know how to start. Well, I'm 17 college student, from Peru. Recently I have been wondering about myself, about this career thing, about the questions in my head, my awkward personality, desires, dreams, wills, "I wanna leave a mark on this planet! I need to feel...
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    HIII THERE=) I'm new here, and I'm kind of really shy, and I'm finding this hard to dooooo but okay. I'll do it. I find this website super interesting, meeting people and knowing their personality types, oh my god this is so amazinggg!!!gfghjdfk =), (thank you forum, you are actually making me...
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    Greetings to everyone on Personality Cafe. How yall' doin? Im an INFP and I came across this forum and i am soo glad :) I dont mind making friends . Im 19 male and I love photography , cooking and playing the guitar.. You can find me on facebook
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    Well, hello. I'm new to the board, teehee. Please be nice to me! -end of message- pfft. That was fun. : p I'm personally completely uninterested in writing intros for myself. I just like talking, minus the page long autobiography. So, hello, farewell, and I'll likely be found lurking in the...
1-4 of 4 Results