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    Theres one thing i have learned about INFJ, and that is simple we are "messiahs". I use the word messiahs lightly because when i say this people automatically think of me being some holy being or something. When you really think about it, we are the chosen 1 of 16. The INFJ personality type is...
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    I was in my philosophy class last semester and my professor brought up a discussion on the following scenario: You stumble across a time machine. Curious, you step in it and press the big red button. All of a sudden, you end up in a room with a crib. A sign on the crib reads: ADOLF HITLER. You...
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    Does anyone else find this a bit strange. We only make up 1% of the population,so maybe the phychological community just went with the least amount of people to offend!:-) Posted via Mobile Device