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  1. What interests and hobbies do intuitive types have?

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Just name everything that comes to your mind except of MBTI because otherwise you wouldn't be here, right?! :tongue: :wink: I would also like to know what you generally like to talk about and how your conversations differ from those of sensory types.
  2. Happy Memory #497 - Sports Bounty

    When we were walking back from chicken wings a few days back... Mum: Ah, looks like it’s raining! Oh no, we come back and it started to rain. Me: I think it should be lighter inside. Our block usually is more sheltered. (because of blocks surrounding the slope, so less wind, etc.) So we walk...
  3. Happy Memory #489 - Story-Telling

    Ahhhh, spent a lot of time sleeping today! I think because I caught a bit of a cold from drinking cold water these past few days. Especially when I have my period. But I love drinking cold water! I guess I have to lay off it for a while until I feel at 100% again. Then maybe just have one ice...
  4. Been studying typology for a while but just now decided to participate in forums.

    So, I read in an administrator's automatic message that it's a good way to start by introducing myself over here, and since i intended to do that but didn't really know where to, i took his advice. English is not my native language so i might end up making up new ways of building a sentence...
  5. [INFJ] What are INFJs good at online?

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Long story short, I don't have many friends and I don't feel very valued in my personal life because I don't have a lot of opportunities to meet and hang out with new people. So I want to partially remedy that by doing something online that people will value in the meantime. But what, exactly...
  6. [INFJ] Hobbies, Likes, Behaviours, Wishes

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    Hobbies, Likes, Wishes What do INFJ's like to do the most? What do you wish you could do (realistically)? and why? How similar are we? Please choose preference over what you actually do? Of course preferences and what we do can match. Also please don't just select all of them. Try to keep...
  7. Happy Memory #279 - Lyrics Complete

    OMG YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I completed the lyrics for the song!!!!!! HURRRAAAY!!!! :D:D:D:D Momentous occasion! *confetti* Time just fucking flew. Like just 3 hours disappeared. And then when I finally wrote the bridge, which came so naturally, I was like… that’s it? The song’s...
  8. Happy Memory #278 - Doing Nothing at All

    Mum: You tell me, what did you do today? Me: What? Mum: Whole day you did nothing right? What are you doing here? Me: I’m still in pain from lifting Grandpa two days ago. Then yesterday we went out and I had to lift heavy things the whole day. Mum: …. …. What time is it? Me: Huh? 9pm. Mum...
  9. Through Heaven's Eyes

    So yeaaaaah!!!!! I thought I would take a moment to consolidate everything I learnt by analysing out song lyrics. I’ve been doing it in my head to a few songs, and I while I’ve definitely learned from that, I think typing stuff out and sorting out my thoughts (lol Si-Te) would help me learn even...
  10. Happy Memory #259 - Building of Aragorn

    I made this, so my bc made this... LOOOOL!!!! I was laughing away when I saw it, and my mum and aunt too. Yeaaaaah, at first she helped a little when making the airplane by finding out the parts, then I piece it together. She doesn’t seem to know how to follow the instructions and even has...
  11. Happy Memory #256 - Aragorn the Fighter Jet

    So, this came in the mail yesterday!!!!! I wanted to wait for my baby cousin to be with me to open it, since it’s…. AW YEAAAAH!!!!!!! IMITATION LEGO!! LOL. AND I'M MoRE THAN 6 YEARS OLD SO IT'S PERFECT FOR ME! Robot that turns into a fighter jet!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D I chose it…. Out of the...
  12. Happy Memory #241 - Song Week 2

    Awwwwww, I did a bit worse than expected. 21.5/30. Bwahhaahah, but that's okay!!! I got a lot of comments this week!!!! I was a bit tooo free-wheeling with the chorus structure, which made it hard to grade for them. The longest comment was like a whole paragraph!!! And they said it was a really...
  13. Happy Memory #238 - Nanowrimo Start Day

    SOOOOOO, today is the start of NANOWRIMO!!! HOLY SHITTTTTTT you ever thought of writing a novel? Go do it!!!! IT’S FUN!!! :D:D:D The journey of a novel begins with a single word. ARGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH I told myself, no this is insane, don’t do it. But I have to!!!!!! It’s...
  14. Happy Memory #233 - Reading with Grandpa

    Grandma: Thank you for looking after Grandpa! Me: What? No need to thank. Grandma: Today when I went to the eye center, the guy there sent me back. Me: Huh? (What? Guy there? Who works there? What?) Grandma: I was at the taxi stand. So many people! I waited nearly 2 hours, that’s why I took...
  15. Happy Memory #232 - Anime Blog

    Sooooo, I’ve recently started watching anime again, and I got curious. I actually started an anime review blog in 2013, stopped blogging for a LONG WHILE, and I wondered how it was doing. So, the image above are the stats I pulled. It’s kind of encouraging to see that there’s still people...
  16. Happy Memory #215 - More than Words

    Mum: So, did you have a better sleep? Was it less noisy? Me: No… Yeah, I slept better, but it’s because of this. *smacks sofa* Soft, soft. Mum: Oh, then that’s good. We’ll sleep like this from now on. So, yeah….. I shifted from sleeping beside the… cabinet under the tv to the sofa, so I’m...
  17. Happy Memory #213 - Hairy Question

    Mum: Hey, your hair has a new style! Me: What? Mum: You did your hair in a new style? Me: Huh? No. I just chuck the hair stick in. Hm, let me go in the lift to see…. Ah, I can’t see it in the mirror very well. Mum: Here, I’ll take a photo for you. Me: Okay! Wait, later. Mum: Later you’ll...
  18. Happy Memory #212 - Green Apple Song

    Yay, sweeeeetsss!!!!!!! :D I bought my green apple today and got a cola one as well. Pretty cheap, $1.20 and $1.40 respectively, so why not? The apple ones aren’t as fun as the ones we get from the containers and have them in a mixed bag. More fun to eat than individual packed ones I think. But...
  19. Love

    NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects
    Let your imagination run wild. Whenever you hear the word, what pops in your mind? Experience/s you wanna share? Describe the word in any manner you want.
  20. [INTP] What hobbies are there that you'd like to have or do more of?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    What hobbies are there that you'd you like to have or do more of (but don't, for some or other reason)? Is there anything that you find interesting but haven't really found the time or motivation to fully get into it? I'd like to get around to writing fiction. Unfortunately, whenever I set...