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  1. [ESTJ] Unconventional

    ESTJ Forum - The Guardians
    The ESTJ is often stereotyped as straight-laced, by the book, the "cop" personality, etc. It sort of gives off the impression that ESTJs don't have very "alternative" interests (artsy stuff, spirituality, counterculture, subjective pseudosciences, etc.). However, in my experience, a lot of the...
  2. ISTP (smarts + sex appeal, how can you go wrong?)

    New ISTP here on the forums. Just came to learn about MBTI and who I am over the past few months. Tests always put me at a narrow lead with ISTP's as opposed to an INTP. My hobbies are few but i'm devoted to them: doing cardio at the gym, constantly perfecting my french grammar, and amassing a...
  3. [ESFP] Which one of these ESFP hobbies do you prefer?

    ESFP Forum - The Performers
    going to parties entertaining dancing hanging out with friends crafts competitive sports fixing things around the house day hiking cooking participating in games and activities kayaking
  4. [INFP] What Are Your Hobbies, And What do You do to Relieve Stress?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I like to drive, write, listen to music, exercise, and sing. I really want to join a band, but I don't know anyone who has the same creative ideas. :frustrating:
  5. My likes over the years

    10 YEARS: cartoons, cleaning my room, my little pony dolls, coke, lasagna, pizza no school days, swimming 12 YEARS: anime, coke, archies, being alone, being liked, sweet valley books 16 YEARS: seeing how certain people can be so stupid, nickelodeon, the sims, soccer, bread, dieting 19 YEARS...
  6. [BabyBoomers] Does anybody think this is really cool?

    Baby Boomers Forum
    Does anybody have a hobby they really enjoy, but is too expensive to practice, or has anybody wanted to get involved in a new hobby, but haven't been able to because of high prices? What if there was a facility with staffed professionals that provided materials and even classes for people to...
  7. [ENFP] What do you do in your FREEEEE time?

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    I want to try some new and interesting things! So what do you guys DO when you.. don't have anything else (i.e obligations :dry: or friends :kitteh:) to entertain you? Any challenges? LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!
  8. [INTJ] INTJ Females' Hobbies

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    Greetings INTJ females. Please list your hobbies below. Thank you.
  9. [INFP] INFP hobbies

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    While INFPs obviously share a lot of traits, I thought it might be interesting to see how wide of a variety we have (or don't have) in hobbies. What do you do for fun? I like cooking and baking, reading up on whatever topic interests me at the moment, editing/improving things, and I go through...
  10. [INFJ] INFJ Interests/Hobbies

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    There's probably already another thread regarding this so please don't bite my head off if there is! :wink: I want to know what you fellow INFJ's interests and hobbies are. Here are a list of mine: -Fire poi (poi) -Digital art (photoshop) -Astronomy -Ghost hunting (love the thought that...
  11. [INFP] Favorite Things?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    OK, Ima totally copy this from the ISFP forum, but I doth not care >:D mwahaha!! Just list your favorite things, pretty much. Based on the randomness of... well... US, this should be a very entertaining thread indeed. :crazy: 1 Theater <3 best thing in teh worlddd 2 Anything shiny/glows in the...
  12. I'm a newbie :)

    My name is Gabrielle, and i found this website from looking up stuff about personality types. I started getting interested in 7th grade im in 9th now. I took a lot of the tests, i now have a good idea of who i am generally. For the Jung test i am a ENTJ and for the enneagram test i am a # 3. I...