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  1. [INTJ] The Saddest @@ INTJ Has Given Up Hope, Trust, and Caring. TRUE????

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    The Saddest @@ INTJ Has Given Up Hope, Trust, and Caring. TRUE???? Has this ever happened to you? How did you survive. . . and thrive?
  2. [INFJ] Home is where the heart is

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    This is where I need to be, this is where I need to live, this is what I desire, I am despite for the comfort this place provides. Being broke sucks! :sad: Where is your dreams, where is your hopes, where do you desire?!
  3. [INTP] INTP gone on a break from relationship with INFJ after a fight

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. Me and my INTP man have been together almost for half a year. We're both very calm and collected, I personally am very logical, but my emotions are very deep as well. With that being said I value only healthy exchanges and run away from toxic...
  4. I should write a collection of stories someday.

    I've tried to write a book for a long time, but I just can't finish one. I will finish my fan fiction crossover(Star Trek and Thomas the Tank Engine). I have to finish that one! But everything else is tough to finish. I have ideas, but I lack the spice to follow through to the end unless someone...
  5. [INFJ] On feeling despair

    INFJ Forum - The Protectors
    I'm more or less trying to use this thread to verbalize some of the things I've been dealing with lately, in hopes that it may either help someone else contextualize their own experience, or provide a means for conversation about how to deal with these issues. I feel like one of the greatest...
  6. Never Outlasting But Rebirth

    Everything will perish; our trophies, our homes, our mountain ranges, and even the sky. A time may come for us now that we witness the passing of all we knew. In that time you will be powerless, not your wealth or your health can undo what occurs. All the wisdom you gain will add up to nothing...
  7. Hi there

    I'm Kira and I´m INFP. I became kind of addicted to mbti few months ago. I thought for a long time that I'm an INFJ but then after very long process I discovered that I'm an INFP. I love this type and I'd like to discover more about mbti, infp and other types. I don´t have much experience with...
  8. [ENFP] Loveless!

    ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    Stone faces, with shifting hearts. Voices weighted with bitter remarks. reaching fingers, and Dreams of sand. Drifting away into ruined lands. searching eyes, darkened minds. Looking for the perfect sign. Hearts become as marble floors, and souls closed up, tighter then locked doors...
  9. [INFP] Dare You Dream Big?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    One of my friends is ENTJ and I am INFP. Our views on this matter in particular differ enormously. She believes that you kind of fall victim to society and to what is generally expected of you by people at a particular point in time. I'm more of the opinion that you can dream as wildly as you...
  10. [INTP] Technicality bring an A to a F, is there hope?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    I haven't slept in 58+ hours. I have taken a lot of newly prescribed Adderall in that time period to cram for an online college Accounting final exam. After identifying myself and clearing up my testing area at my desk and giving remote-access to a proctor, I was not able to get access to the...
  11. [INFP] Sort of ran out of my optimist juice, advice for an INFP ?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    So I've struggled since i was young, (about 12) (i'm now almost 17) with negative thinking and over thinking, and being really sensitive to stuff. Through out those years it has gotten worse-ish but for a while i was able to have this battling mindset of optimistic (logically optimistic and some...
  12. [INTP] This show makes me grin.

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Disclaimer: This is a list of YouTube videos of clips from "That Mitchell and Webb Look", I would like to apologize in advance for any offense this causes. I would watch this homeopathic medical drama everyday! It's not even wrong! Prove it. :shocked:<"NO!" I'm pretty sure it...
  13. Where is My Mind? - On coping badly

    I can tell you that I've been through a pretty bad year. This is the year that things fell apart, and despite the fact that yes, there have been people who have stood for me, I have lost plenty of friends and lovers to distance and rejection. There are two ways I've responded badly to this. 1...
  14. It's Back!

    Uh-oh and Oh Boy! For a while, I'd mostly lost my words but they're back now! I've three blogs in my mind I want-NEED to write. Mmm I love the buzz of inspiration! I need to earn the right to write. First I must be productive then I'll reward myself with writing time. Yay!!!
  15. It's Not About Me

    I'm an ENFP. I'm just now learning what that means. Yesterday, I sat on a friend's couch and heard myself say, "What's not to love about me? I'm so damn loveable!" This morning as I lay in my twelve year old daughter's bottom bunk (I recently initiated a live-in separation from my husband of...
  16. Wild INFJ

    Heyo! Ik ben Abbi! I am an INFJ, new to the site obviously, and finding it quite interesting. I love being an INFJ, it was amazing when I first took a Jung test, the description was totally me! So, how are the other INFJs around here changing the world? What impact are you making? Why are you...
  17. [INFP] the concept of 'loser'

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    do you think such concept necessarily have to be a reality ? and, an unavoidable reality, at that (like society often dictates, judges, or say)? Or, could it simply due to our (human's) mostly limited mind & perceptions & understanding only? where is really the sharp fine line? and what is...
  18. The Sunflower Knights - Extarordinary Stories of Ordinary People

    Myers Briggs Forum
    Hi Ladies and Sires! I am the Kani Knight. I am an ENFJ. I would like to introduce to you: 'The Sunflower Knights'. Just google the it to find the site. I cannot post links or images a this time. It is a blog which features short, true, extraordinary stories. Share your extraordinary but...
  19. [INTP] All Hail Jellybaga!

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    The INTJs have been worshipping this demon name Jellybaga. We need to show them the light! Spread the word of Radrakh The Hateful One!!!
  20. Anyone ever feel like this?

    NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    Oh okay, thank you!! All I really want to do is split the paragraphs and make it easier for people to read like this: "So I decided to type this because I am in some kind of mood after watching plenty of shows and movies representing bonds...and...togetherness... I feel something deep...