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  1. [INFP] Post-Humanism and the portrayal of AIs and Aliens in popular culture (Hollywood)

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    On 02 december 2014 Stephen Hawkings spoke out in fear about the construction of AIs in the next 50 years and the disastrous effect they'll have on Humankind. (yes, my spelling corrector told me to write 'they'll' instead of 'that'll', indicating that AIs will be people, which is a good...
  2. [INTP] How do I survive Christmas dinners?

    INTP Forum - The Thinkers
    Yes, dinners in plural, as my family tends to have 4-5 gatherings from Christmas to New Years. I wake up Christmas morning very happy indeed every year, but as the Christmas dinner arrives I just stop enjoying myself. There is just so much chit-chat with the extended family, and last year I...
  3. [INFP] the concept of 'loser'

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    do you think such concept necessarily have to be a reality ? and, an unavoidable reality, at that (like society often dictates, judges, or say)? Or, could it simply due to our (human's) mostly limited mind & perceptions & understanding only? where is really the sharp fine line? and what is...
  4. Ridiculous Hypothetical Scenarios

    Science and Technology
    I'll start. Step 1. What if all of humanity unanimously agreed to "wall off" each continent, and destroy all evidence of their being anything beyond those walls. (think Greatest Wall of China or Attack on Titan.) Step 2. All of humanity successfully keeps their children from learning anything...
  5. Destroy All Humans Game Characters

    Guess the type
    List of Destroy All Humans! characters - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. Tolerance level of MBTI Theory

    Cognitive Functions
    My theory on Tolerance level (Could be found on my DeviantArt Kuesuke) ________________________________________ MBTI tolerance on bullshit Less tolerant<Tolerant I=E Doesn't have much influence. S<N Si is more reliant on past experiences than Se or intuitive types who are more focused on...
  7. [INTJ] [INTJ] What types relationships do INTJs prefer? (Long-Term, Short-Term, One-Night)

    INTJ Forum - The Scientists
    What types relationships do other INTJs prefer? Do you prefer interacting with others in long-term, short-term, one-night stands, pure platonic friendships, non-platonic friendships, or something else? I prefer the term "one-life stand" for myself. I have no interest in short-term...
  8. [INFP] The Daily Journel

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    The Daily Journal STOP! By clicking on this thread you are required ,by INFP law, to completely read the content within this thread. And follow the directions given... Hello my INFP friends/Associates, my name is.....never mind. Just Post your Journel entries here ONCE a day for aslong as...
  9. Pokemon humans

    The Art Museum
    Okay, Ill start. Entei - a hot guy with a nice moustache Suicune - an old, rich woman with a real nice hair, still tight body left from youngster years as a marathon runner Raikou - a 30 years old woman who still goes to raves Lugia - a single parent who is desperately in need for a companion...
  10. Parody of Tigger's song

    The wonderful thing about humans, is that humans are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of brains and their bottoms are made out of brings. They’re quirky, jerky, perky, murky fun-fun-fun-fun-fun. And the most wonderful thing about humans is that I’m not the only one! I’m nooooooot the...
  11. [INFP] Becoming a misanthrope & disillusioned: "Humanity is hopeless,I can't relate anymore"

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    Becoming a misanthrope & disillusioned: "Humanity is hopeless,I can't relate anymore" (WARNING: below this line you will read perhaps the ultimate most 'arrogant' (or whatever it is you'll call) BIG, general rants on the "BIGGER-picture" things ever. and contrary to many threads on this forum...
  12. Why do we need sex? - The Nature, Evolution, and Source of the Sexual Drive

    Sex and Relationships
    I think that sexuality is part of every human and affects a number of aspects of our lives like identity, relationships, and influences important decision making that affects both ourselves as well as others. Must of us want, need, enjoy, crave, go out of our way for, and fantasize about the...
  13. Uninvited.

    If a person was building, could you guess what interior it has? You can always see the structure on the outside. All the buildings look so different and similiar at the same time on the outside, but usually we can never guess how the inside looks, without entering the building. Seeing the other...
  14. [INFP] Is humanity pretty much..hopeless, in the 'grand scheme' of things?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I've just read and commented on a quite interesting thread here, that basically, I am reminded by the OP there that the "rest of the world" people other than our Type, unfortunately, might perhaps don't care so much about 'saving the world, humanity' or that kind of 'bigger picture' things...
  15. I Have Found the Greatest Evidence for Evolution

    And it is the perpetual stupidity of the human race. I have always believed in evolution but it was not until tonight that I finally believe in it without a single doubt in my mind. Tonight, was the best showcase of the animalness and depravity of the Homo sapiens species. I know what you're...
  16. [INFP] The Zeitgeist Movement, what do you guys think?

    INFP Forum - The Idealists
    I am really inspired by this awesome, catalystic thread (thanks to the OP!) to create this new thread, and see what you all think about this: Have any of you ever heard of The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) ? and watched the very recent widely-successful independent-thearetical worldwide release of...
  17. Is human behaviour fundamentally different from or the same as animal behaviour?

    General Psychology
    Hey, i am currently doing a psychology degree at portsmouth university and am working on my animal behaviour lecture essay (3000 words). The question is: Is human behaviour fundamentally different from or the same as animal behaviour? So far I have the following rough ideas to put in my essay...
  18. The world is hypocritical - Why do humans live?

    General Psychology
    I'm not sure if this should belong here or some philosophy forum or something, but I've posted a thread similar to this on a 'teenager's' forum, and I wanted to compare the responses to a more 'adult' forum (like this one!). I can't see why humans live. Don't get me wrong, I'm not planning to...
  19. Humans as batteries

    Science and Technology
    Embedded Technologies: Power From the People | 40th Anniversary | Smithsonian Magazine Embedded Technologies: Power From the People Energy harvested from our bodies will make possible mind-boggling gadgetry Sensor-studded clothing worn by a soldier tracks his movements and vital signs. A...
  20. Fossil links humans and monkeys

    Science and Technology
    Sounds very interesting.