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    Are you good at apologizing or really bad at it? Is it natural or unnatural? If I don't think I've done something wrong, it bites to have to apologize to that, but I can do it. If what I did doesn't go against my values, it at least goes against my value of trying to live peacefully with...
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    1) Got a wide-ranging yet not broad sense of humor, e.g. the nuances, oh how I love 'em. 2) I'm feisty, sure; and just as prone to turn around and say, "I'm sorry for being an ass." 3) I see the beauty in those whom others label, slap-happy, "trolls" and "ringers" and "potatoes" and...
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    Hiya! I don't post all my vids here - my channel is for that haha! But I think this bit taken from a hangout I had this weekend could spark a good discussion. Do you think INFJs think they can read minds? Or that they are psychic? Where is the balance between the experiences INFJs do have with...