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  1. Education & Career Talk
    Hi! In this thread I would like to talk about art an creative careers, and how your type influences in it. In my case, I'm a very arty person. I love music, illustration, graphic design, cinema, writing, photography, video games... I love arty creations in general, and I would love to use my...
  2. The Art Museum
    Hi, I'm an INTP but have taken an interest in art these past two years. This thread is to share any art that you may have made.
  3. The Art Museum
    Hello, these are some of my recent drawings/illustrations/brain pukes. Feel free to give feedback!
  4. Blog
    New clouds will surrender their sadness Over a grim and desolate city square Amidst the evening air Umbrella pedestrians with savoir-faire The arrival of spring has brought forth new pheromones To entice the life below Catered with images that delight and betroth And sun dances that illuminate...
  5. NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    I'm curious in what ways other NF's express themselves. Artwork, music, crafts, writing, dance, even cooking, whatever you do or admire post it below. Some of mine. My deviant page SophiaMarieM on deviantART My art blog Whispers of Whimsy
  6. Blog
    If you fail to release a stretch, what benefit is actually gained? If you stretch too far, something is bound to give out. Pain is the result.
  7. NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers
    Did any of you as children (or do you now) have a tendancey to pick out which one you would be when looking at paintings or illustrations? I suppose it's similar to having a sense of identification with people upon first meeting them, except that I can have this sense while looking at a still...
1-7 of 7 Results