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  1. INFP Forum - The Idealists
    "Divergents are those who are not afraid & fight the System" the trailer: When I watched this movie (just now), somehow, I couldn't help but kept feeling soo relating with those 2 main characters (ie: the "divergents")..! either way though,.. through some of my own researches,.. I do...
  2. ENFP Forum - The Inspirers
    behavioral patterns of Indigos? They are born feeling and knowing they are special and should be revered. An indigo knows they belong here as they are and expect you to realize it as well. These children are more confident and have a higher sense of self-worth. Absolute authority, the kind...
  3. Intro
    Hi all! :proud: I stumbled upon Personality Cafe while looking into indigo children and aura colors online. I heard about the indigo movement and became immediately interested and drawn to it, turning out to be an indigo child. I've always felt distant and different, but could never fathom what...
  4. Myers Briggs Forum
    I've read that people with auras of a certain color are usually of a specific MBTI type. For example, a person with an indigo aura is most likely to be an INTJ or an INTP. this is not to say that all INTJs and INTPs are indigos. Anyone know anything more? Any more aura-MBTI associations?
1-5 of 6 Results