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  1. INTP (or INFP or INFJ) and 5w4 (or 9w1)

    Hello everyone. I've lurked here a bit before. As you can see, I'm a little uncertain about my type and my first post was in the wrong section. :frustrating: Anyway, I'm not sure how active I'll be. I don't keep at one thing for very long. I'm sure I'll enjoy it here, though.
  2. Why have I fallen in Love with an ENFJ (I am an INFJ)

    ENFJ Forum - The Givers
    Where do I find an ENFJ? My best friend is too young for me, too many obstacles, but I figure I could find someone like him elsewhere. Where can I find an ENFJ, and Is this a good match? (ENFJ and INFJ)
  3. The lake is on fire... (another pretentious INFJ)

    Never sure what to write for these things. Have known of my INFJ status for quite some time and fit it to a tee, for better and worse. Careerwise, I prefer to think of myself as a struggling muso than a supermarket buttmonkey... Beyond that, I'm going through some major upheavals in my life...
  4. Hey Peepzzz (yet another INFJ)

    Hey everyone, havent done an Intro thread for ages! Okay, so where should I start? I am an extreme extreme INFJ, like fully extreme. When I did the test it was like, 100% Introvert, 95% iNtuition, etc. etc. I am 14, living in Australia. I am a girl. I love doing Personality Quizzes. My...
  5. Greetings of an August night (from a new INFJ) :)

    Good evening, bon soir, guten abend, buona sera, buenas noches :) I'm new to this place and a curious INFJ to boot. Still learning the ropes... Have a lovely evening all ~ Anam Cara