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infj and enfj
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    I had my first relationship (at first I balked at calling it that but now I guess it was) aged 13 a few years back, and it was an on-off relationship that started out pretty sweet but wound up with him being manipulative and emotionally abusive (yes, 13-14 year olds can be like that!). I ended...
  2. Sex and Relationships
    Okay so I have been wondering whether or not a friend of mine may or may not have feelings for me (need some input here!). This is a bit of a lengthy post so thank you in advance to those of you who decide to read it all and especially to those who respond Some background information: I met my...
  3. Intro
    hi, i'm new here. i took the meyers briggs test about 2 years ago; it said i was an infp which i felt very strongly about was me. now i been taking mini quizzes here and there and seems like i now i'm always getting pinned as an infj or and enfj. here's a picture from my most recent personality...
1-3 of 3 Results